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SBS 2003 "My Documents" redirection

Last Modified: 2012-05-09
Hi all,

This is just a general question I have about Windows 2003 SBS Premium Document Redirection

I am replacing an old Windows 2003 SBS server with a new server which will also run with Windows 2003 sbs. My question about document redirection are the following:

I have never had much "luck" with My document redirection when it came to SBS 2003. My problem is, I am replacing the old 2003 sbs server with a new sbs 2003 server (same opperating system, diffrent machine)  which has the same name and IP address as the old server on the network. I have had the problem where the client computers tries to sync their documents with the new server (hence it has the same name and IP address as the old server) and then as soon as they sync their my documents with the new server - all their my documents on the client computer(s) are gone. This happens before I have joined them to the new domain even (ofcourse, if the clients new username and password matches the old server's)

This might be a stupid problem to have, I know - but non the less - a problem for me. I was under the impresion that the my documents syncs from the client computer to the server - not the other way around?

- How do I make sure thet the clients wont lose their my documents when I replace the old server with the new server that has the same name and IP address as the old one?

There seem to be a problem when the following criteria exists for me:

- When the new server has the same IP address and name as the old server
- When document redirection is enabled and being used
- When the client has the same username and password on the new server as on the old server.

If the above criteria is met - the client computer has no my documents left if syncronization happens when the either restart their pc or manualy syncronize their my documents.

The only way I could get around this was by giving all the clients diffrent passwords as to what they had before on the old server - then authentication does not take place, tehere for syncronization could not take place. - Then ofcourse I can join them to the new domain, syncronize their documents (which are empty) to the new server - and just copy their my documents from their old profile to the new profile.

Is there a better way of doing this, which will not make me lose any of the client documents - which is gurenteed to sync from the client to the new server?

I know there are many ways in doing this - but I am looking fot the more (correct way) if I can put it that way?

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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