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Users say "initializing" in BES Express 5.01 after Blackberry transporter use and swing migration

Dave Messman
Dave Messman asked
Last Modified: 2012-05-09
This is a long story, but I'll start with the simple part:

I have Blackberry Enterprise Server Express 5.01 installed on a Windows 2003 R2 box.  My mail server is a Windows 2008 SBS box (running Exchange 2007 of course).  I used to have BB Professional 4 on my SBS 2003 box, but then I upgraded to SBS 2008.  When doing the upgrade, I updated to BES Express 5.01 and used Blackberry Transporter to move my users to the Windows 2003 R2 box.  After moving the users, the BB devices are not communicating with the server.  The users say "initializing."  Below are some helpful screen shots and a ton more detail.

I initially had an SBS 2003 box with Blackberry Professional installed directly on it.  That ran fine for years.  Then I upgraded to SBS 2008 using a swing migration.  In a swing migration, the SBS 2003 box and SBS 2008 box can never be on the same LAN.  Since I didn't want to reactivate each user, I though I'd just install BES Express 5.01 on my file server and use the Blackberry Transporter.  Using Blackberry Transporter, I was able to move all my 11 users to the file server.  Then separately, I took the SBS 2003 box off the LAN and replaced it with the SBS 2008 box.  The SBS 2003 box and SBS 2008 box have the same name and IP address as each other.  I never checked to see if the BES Express on the file server worked with the SBS 2003 box - as I made this change during the transition.

So now, I've got my SBS 2008 box and my Windows Server 2003 R2 box with BES Express on it.  I have gone through Blackberry's instructions on enabling Exchange 2007 properly (via Blackberry's screen shot walk through).

Below are what I think are some relevant screen shots.  I don't know too much about managing BES - usually it just works.  Any advice is appreciated.

I also had a thought - I'm used to installing BES/BB Professional on the mail server itself.  Would it help or make more sense to move the users to the actual mail server and reinstall BES Express there?  My goal is to get BES up and running again without having to wipe and reactivate devices.

Of note - at this exact moment, I have BES Express running on both my SBS 2008 box and my Windows 2003 R2 box.  

Thanks for any and all help.
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Ok before you try anything drastic, run the handheldcleanup.exe tool with a -u switch on the BES Express box that has your users currently provisioned on. It can be found in the "Utility" folder of BES within Program Files.
That will check the associations between mailbox and BES (which might be incorrect given that you've migrated to SBS 2008) and fix if necessary.

Secondly, check the permissions of some of your users using the IEMSTest.exe tool (also located in the same Utility folder). In theory the permissions shouldn't have changed, but you might have missed something with the mailbox migration so it can't hurt to try that.

There might also be a port conflict between BES and another application on the file server. It's hard to tell without looking at the MAGT logs from the BES.
Dave MessmanIT Consultant


Here's a good start when running handheldcleanup -u:

C:\Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry Enterprise Server\Utility>Handhel
dCleanup.exe -u
BlackBerry Enterprise Server Utility - HandheldCleanup.exe, Version 2.0
Copyright (c) Research In Motion, Ltd. 2000-2001. All rights reserved.
Attempting MAPILogon....
MAPILogon Success.
Opening Default Message Store Mailbox - BESAdmin.
Please Enter BESName: -> besadmin
Open() failed for besadmin
OpenDB failed to open Database

I'm a rookie at this - so any specific advice on where to go is greatly appreciated.  Not a rookie with Exchnage, just BES Express - I thought the Blackberry Professional interface was much easier to use.

Dave MessmanIT Consultant


and when running IEMSTest.exe, I got this

C:\Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry Enterprise Server\Utility>IEMSTes
BlackBerry Enterprise Server Utility - IEMSTest.exe (IExchangeManageStore), Vers
ion 1.0
Copyright (c) Research In Motion, Ltd. 1999. All rights reserved.
Opening Default Message Store Mailbox - BESAdmin

Gwyn H****: Opening message store using
        /o=domain/ou=first administrative group/cn=Recipients/cn=gwyn
        /o=domain/ou=Exchange Administrative Group (FYDIBOHF23SPDLT)/cn=Config
uration/cn=Servers/cn=server2/cn=Microsoft Private MDB
Gwyn H****: Mailbox opened successfully
Gwyn H****: Root Folder opened successfully
Gwyn H****: Folder created successfully
Gwyn H****: Test folder deleted successfully
Gwyn H****: MAPI test completed successfully
Gwyn H****: CDO Server Name: server2
Gwyn H****: CDO Mailbox DN: /o=domain/ou=first administrative group/cn=Recipie
Gwyn H****: CDO logon successful
Gwyn H****: Get default calendar folder successful
Gwyn H****: Get calendar folder name successful: 'Calendar'
Gwyn H****: CDO test completed successfully
Gwyn H****: No Send As permission for the {SPITFIRE\besadmin} account operator.

C:\Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry Enterprise Server\Utility>

What's odd is that I definitely set the send as permission for besadmin on the SBS 2008 box.  As per the instructions, I ran:

get-mailboxserver "server2" | add-adpermission -user "BESAdmin" -accessrights ExtendedRight -extendedrights Receive-As, ms-Exch-Store-Admin

I'll run it again just for good measure.  Of note - server2 is my SBS 2008 box.  Server3 is my file server running BES Express 5.01 with all my users currently on it.


ok you entered the wrong name for BESName...that should be the name of your BES, not the besadmin username.
Try again and post back the results.

are your users (especially "Gwyn") member of protected AD accounts? e.g. domain admins, exchange admins etc?
Is the BESAdmin account a member of protected AD accounts? If your BES is on a separate box there's no need for it to have any admin rights other than local admin on the server it resides on.
Dave MessmanIT Consultant


Regarding BESName, sorry to be dense, but I'm not sure what it's asking for.  I tried Blackberry (name of my instance).  I tried BESmgmt (name of my database).  I tried server3, name of the server that BES Express is running on.  What exactly is it looking for here?
Dave MessmanIT Consultant


besadmin was the member of some admin groups (domain admins, schema admins, enterprise admins).  I removed those group membership so besadmin is now just a regular user.

Ok for BES Name it should be the name of your server, so server3.

Now that besadmin is no longer a member of those groups, re-run the exchange shell command to add the send-as permissions and re-run iemstest.exe again.
Dave MessmanIT Consultant


Sorry - I stopped corresponding becuase I got involved in some other things.

I wasn't able to get HandheldCleanup.exe -u to work - but that's ok.  I decided I just needed to get things to work.  But I didn't.

I took the user "Gwyn" and added her as a user on server2 (the SBS 2008 box with BES Express on it).  I then wiped her phone and tried to reactivate.  I don't remember the exact text, but it seemed like it had started to talk to the server (it wasn't verifying encryption or anything like that).  But it sat there.  Then I was thinking - how does it know which BES server to talk to when I'm activating the BB.  Both server2 and server3 have BES Express installed.  Since I had resigned myself to wiping and reactivating, I decided to keep BES on server2, since I'm more familiar with that setup (having BPS or BES on the mail server itself).  I uninstalled BES from server3.  It's at the point now where it's asking for a reboot.  But I don't want to reboot during business hours.  I'll do taht tonight.

But my question is - will BES on server2 just work?  I know you can't answer that question out of nowehere, but presuming I followed the RIM instructions on setting up a BES Express box on an SBS 2008 server, will enterprise activation requests go to server2 just like they should?  Should I wipe out all traces of BES on server2 and server3 and reinstall BES on server2 with a new database?  All I'm looking for is a reliable setup that will work tomorrow morning.  I'll be able to reboot servers for installs and uninstalls tonight, but not during the work day tomorrow.  Any thoughts on the best way to make sure BES is installed on server2 correctly with no references to other BES boxes?

Is there more to uninstalling BES than just doing it from add/remove programs?  Are there traces in AD that I need to remove or soemthing like that?

Thanks for your help.

BES on server2 will work as long as it has the MAPI/CDO rollup package from microsoft.

When you add a user on BES it creates a hidden folder in the user's exchange mailbox and populates into that hidden folder the name of the BES (amongst a few other things) that is currently managing that user.
Once the user has been added to server2, the UDP notification of new email will be picked up and processed by server2, and if it's an activation email it will go through its process.
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