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I'm confused - I have a project that compiles on one machine and not the other.  They both use the same code base.  On the one that has a problem, it is looking for a library that I can't find on the machine (and it's not on the other machine that it does compile on either).  It's looking for PocoNetSSLmtd.lib.  I do have the PocoNetSSLd.lib - and that's the one that the machine that can link properly uses...  What could cause the multi-threaded one to be used?

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The exact error is?
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Usually this distinction is done by your compiler settings - check your project's properties under "C++|Code Generation|Use Runtime Library", if it's '/MTd' (Multi-Threaded debug), PocoNetSSLmtd.lib should be the one to be used, for PocoNetSSLd.lib, try '/MDd' - that should work if they are sticking to tht naming convention. I admit that they might not and this is wrong, though ;o)
I missed it - I was sure PocoNetSSLmtd.lib was not on either machine - I was wrong.  I was just missing this file on the one where it wasn't working.  Thanks anyway gentlemen.

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