Windows Keyboard Shortcut Question at Login / Locked State

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When i press CTRL + Alt + Del i am greeted with the Windows Security Screen. Most of the buttons on this screen have an underlined letter. Eg K for "Lock Computer"
Is there a way to disable these shortcuts? We have a modified Gina with additional buttons and would like to remove this shortcut feature, or ideally force the user to hold CTRL or Alt and then press the letter.
I've done alittle testing and if you are on a page with text input, eg "Unlock Computer" you have to press CTRL to invoke the shortcut, but if you are at the Windows Security Screen (CTRL+Alt+Del) you only have to press the coresponding letter which isnt ideal for us.

Any help would be greatly appreciated
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I am not that familiar with group policies but what happens when you disable the task manager. I guess disabling the task manager should suffice. If there is a tweak to disable ctrl+alt+del altogether maybe that should work too.

Or is it that you need the security screen. I remember an option somewhere in windows that states "hide undelined letters until I press the Alt key" but I don't have access to a PC now and hence unable to provide you with an exact path. If that should work for you, please say.



Hi grtraders, we cant disable the Security Screen but the hide underlined letters sounds a perfect option, do you know how to do it?


As I said in my previous post, I don't have access to a PC and am stuck somewhere (for a big 7 days)so unable to give you the exact path.

Let someone else chime in, or google with the text as quoted above and it should be the first or second hit.

Sorry to be unable to help.


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