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3.5i to vSphere Upgrade using Update Manager... issue

Hi, Im currently trying to upgrade my HP blades from ESXi 3.5 to vSphere.  To do this im using update manager and everytime I try to update to esxi 4.0 or 4.1 via UM I get the error displayed in the attached file.  I've tried to update multiple blades and I get the exact error appearing.
The update .zips I tried to use for the upgrade I downloaded from the link below.

Im unsure why this is occuring.  When I install the ESXi 4.0 image replacer .iso via ilo onto the usb key it installs with no issues but I need to get this working with UM as I have alot of sites and blades to upgrade.

Chassis: c7000 C class
Blade type: BL-460c G1
                   2xQuadCore Intel Xeon 3Ghz
                   32GB (all banks ued)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Did you upgrade your virtual center server and databases first?
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hey thanks for your reply.. yeah I created another VM and installed SQL2005 and a fresh copy of VCS4.  I then moved 2 x ESXi3.5 hosts to the new datacenter and tried the upgrade.
Take a look at the videos:

They cover the process fairly well. The first video on management components covers the vcenter server install - it identifies what all must be installed, plugins enabled, etc. The second video covers the UM config for setting baselines, remediation, etc.

Might be good to review them - they are 20-30 minutes each. Fairly quick walk through but if you missed a step might joggle your memory.

Good Luck
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