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Why does my HP Desktop have power options for being plugged in and not plugged in?

I'm having alot of problems with adjusting settings on a new HP Desktop.  I'm not sure if I'm just being retarded with dealing with Windows 7 at the momment or if it's something with the installation of the OS, maybe.  Anyway, my question is this.... When I go to power options the computer options listed are as if it is for a laptop.  For example, under "turn off display" it enables me to choose a different setting for when it's running on battery and another setting for when it's plugged in.  THIS IS A DESKOP.  THERE IS NO BATTERY!  Why would both these options be displayed on a desktop???  I'm wondering if this might be a tell tell sign as to why I'm having so many settings issues.  An example of a settings issue I'm having is as follows...  The screen resolution is set at the recommended highest 1280x1024.  The text size is set to the reccommend setting of "Smaller- 100%".   When I open internet explorer, most web sites are to large to fit on the screen.  Unually it's the other way around.  With the highest display resolution being set, the problem usually is that the monitor screen isn't full and text is to small, not the other way around.  I feel like I'm in the twilight zone! One more tid bit of info is that the monitor came with the system and it's very large.  At least 24".  Don't know if that has anything to do with anything.  Thanks!
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What is the specific model?  Are you using a battery backup device (called a UPS)?
A desktop could infact have a battery backup which may be the intnnt of the OS.

I would try updating your drivers as a fix to the screen resolution issue

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I'm not there anymore so I just e-mailed her asking if it's plugged into a UPS and also asked the make and model of the desktop and the monitor.  

I looked like an idiot at this job!  Thanks for help.  I'll get back to you asap.
heck, we're all novices till we've done it.  Get the info and I'm sure someone here will get you straight.
The system is almost certainly on a UPS -- that's why Windows offered two different power options (on and off battery).

You've also got the video resolution set incorrectly => if this has a 24" or larger display the native resolution is NOT 1280 x 1024 ... that's not only the wrong resolution;  but it's not even the right aspect ratio.    A 24" or larger display will certainly be a widescreen, so it should be set to a widescreen aspect ratio.     If the display driver is correct and the monitor is communicating the EDID info correctly, the highest available resolution should be the correct one for the display.    If the display settings page isn't offereing higher resolutions, then you likely don't have the correct driver installed for the video card (although on a commercial system this should have already been done).    A typical resolution for a 24" display is 1920 x 1200  (or 1920 x 1080 if it's an HDTV panel based display).
Sorry, I should have mention I wasn't at the clients anymore and didn't have the exact resolution.  I was guessing the exact numbers by looking at a different computer.  Bottom line, it was the highest and was what was reccommended.  I believe it was one of the two you noted.  Sorry about that but thank you.
WD 21.5
MODEL:  P6330f
If the computer was plugged into a UPS, the software would have to be installed on the computer in order for the power settings to show up as mentioned, correct?  The reason I'm asking is because I can remote in to verify if the software is installed or not but I can't phsically look at the momment to see if it's pluggin in to an UPS.
No, there doesn't need to be any UPS software installed ==> Windows 7 has a built-in UPS driver.     As long as the UPS is communicating with the PC (i.e. the communications cable is connected), Windows will "know" about the UPS.

You can, however, look at Device Manager and see if there are any entries under "Batteries".     If a UPS is present it will show it there.
By the way, that HP monitor is an HD panel display => 1920 x 1080 resolution.     If the display is set to that resolution, then something is set wrong in Internet Explorer (perhaps the Zoom setting).
Yes, it is connected to a UPS.  Learn something new everyday!  So now I know the power options are irrelevant to the large text/print in internet explorer.

I'm almost positive that the resolution is 1920 x 1080.  I will have access to verify at 5:30 this evening Pacific Standard Time.

I see Zoom Settings in Internet Options, Advanced and Accessibility.  I will click the "Restore Advanced settings" tab and see if that does it but I think I already tried that a couple days ago but maybe I'm mistaken.

Any other ideas?  Would it be worth disconnecting the DVI cable and trying the VGA cable instead?
"... Would it be worth disconnecting the DVI cable and trying the VGA cable instead? "   ==>  No.    If the resolution is set to 1920 x 1080 then that's what's being displayed, regardless of which cable is used for the connection.     The only time I'd suggest trying the alternative connection would be if you couldn't set the resolution correctly -- that may indicate a problem with the EDID data transmission, so I'd try the "other" connection option.     But that's not the case if the display adapter is recognizing that the monitor is capable of 1920 x 1080, and that's what it's set to.
I verified it's set to 1920 x 1080.  I reset the internet settings and that didn't help.  Why are the internet websites so big?  It doesn't fit on the monitor screen.  You have to scroll to see every thing and when you print, of course it prints giant as well.  You would think it's a simple setting somewhere but I find it.  
Under display adatpers it only says "INtel Graphics Media Accelerator".  The must be the problem, yes?  I guess I should go to HP's website and download the driver.  I know someone said drivers already but I was just now able to log in remotely and check.
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you are correct about the driver.  It is the correct driver installed.  I will try firefox now.
Firefox display is fine.
Display works fine in Fire Fox.  I've reset both IE settings in the Advanced options of IE to default.  Where's magnifier?  
The magnifier is a Windows accessibility setting => that's not the issue since everything but IE is fine.

Did you check the "Zoom" setting on the View tab?    The only way I can force a behavior like you've described is to set the zoom to a high setting (e.g. 200%).
... it's also possible that something got corrupted in the internal settings for the zoom value.    If that's the case, changing it and then changing it again should reset it ==> i.e. set it to something different than it is now;  then set it to 100%.
I got it.  In internet explorer advance settings under Accesibility I had to check the box for "Reset zoom level for new windows and tabs".  By default this box is not checked.  From the little bit I read about it, it does have to do with the new Monitor and it being able to handle the higher resolution.  Here is the website for an explanation if your interested.  Thank You Very Much.