Quickbooks 2008 Premier ERROR 00000 40265 on Windows 7 Pro 32bit error

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Hi Guys,

I have been running QB Prem 08 for about 4 months now without any issues at all. After running it this morning I went to use it this afternoon and was given an error

00000 40265

I have looked online and it appears that I need to upgrade as 08 isn't compatible but frankly I don't have the money at the moment can anyone tell me what has coursed this issue. I am not aware of any updates to Windows having installed themselves so I am mistified as to why it has sudden;y just stopped

Thanks in advance
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I've known QB 2008 to run ok on Windows 7 but other people are running into the same issue as you: it is suddenly incompatible.  Best suggestion I can make: since you have Win7 Pro you can download the virtual Windows XP from Microsoft and install Quickbooks 2008 within that.
I have had to bite the bullet and upgrade. Inuit recongnise the issue but they havre no answer for it which is very helpful and conveniant on there part...........

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