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automate ntbackup - script

i have ntbackup running on a Windows XP Pro system.

It runs daily to a internal hard drive.

some days, i want to do a manual backup to a usb drive.

everytime i use the ntbackup, i have to reselect the files i want to do because i do not
want to backup everything on the computer.

is there a way to put a short cut on the desktop to
automatically backup the selected folders and use ntbackup to run?

for example:

i want to backup folders:
c:/files data

i would plug in the usb drive and then just click on the icon.
it will tell me when it is done and then i unplug the drive and go home.

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Use the schedule capability.  Run through what you want to backup, and schedule it.  Then look in Task Scheduler in control panel - the ntbackup scheduler routine should create a scheduled task that which contains a command line that would run the backup.  Simply copy the command line to a batch file and create a shortcut to the batch file.

It may be more than you're asking for, but I have a backup script on my web site you're welcome to use - www.lwcomputing.com/mysoftware.asp


that worked as far as the batch file,
i went to your site and really like the idea of getting an email.
i looked at your site and see the gbmail application.
how can i add that to my batch code to work?
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You can review my script and see how it works and incorporate that into your script.  Or, you can use my script and create a shortcut to one of its commands.  Up to you.