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asked on Gradient Button

I thought this would be a simple find, but apparently not...

What I want is a simple method for creating buttons that have a two-color gradient as their background.
Here are the technologies I am using:
Visual Studio 2008 as IDE 3.0
Visual Basic with code-behind
Themes with CSS and skins

What I would like is to create a .net button (not an html button if it can be avoided) that has a two-color gradient as the background.  Preferably the background gradient can be created automatically requiring only my color choices and not requiring me to create a gradient.png if it can be avoided.  I would also like to keep thing simple if possible.  I would prefer not to have to use a button-generator package of any kind, but if I have to, it must be freeware (I really want to avoid using other peoples packages though).  Additionally, if it isn't any more difficult I would also like to be able to specify a graphic to be placed over the button background as well.  So I would have an asp button with a gradient background, a small image and some text.  And finally, in a perfect world, it would have browser side hover actions (though this isn't very important).

Is there anyone that can walk me through this?  
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you can create gradient buttons in silverlight. but if you want to do this without silverlight then you need to have image created for those buttons.
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in my aspx:
<asp:Button ID="testbutton" runat="server" Text="MyButton" />

in the page_load sub of my .vb file:
testbutton.Style.Add("filter:progid", "DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Gradient(endColorstr='#C0CFE2',startColorstr='#FFFFFF',gradientType='0');")

button had no gradient - just shows as the defualt css styled button.

Do I need to inherit anything besides System.Web.UI.Page?  The code didn't cause any build errors.

puru1981: I don't want to use silverlight.
YZlat: oh, I see.  This works in IE but not firefox.  Any cross-browser solution?
Happy to award you the points though - I didn't specify cross-browser compatibility.
Thanks!  If you know of a cross-browser solutions I would love to hear that as well.

it should work in FireFox 3.6 or less
Thanks again YZ - I appreciate it.