delete folder/files

I want to delete everything that is older than 30 days.

Will this work??

forfiles -p "C:\what\ever" -s -m *.* -d <30> -c "cmd /c rmdir @path /s"
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try the following command to automatically delete files at the root of a directory. This command can be saved in a .bat file and scheduled with scheduled tasks.

forfiles /p "PATH" /s /d -30 /c "cmd /c del @file : date >= 30 days >NUL"

Change "PATH" with the path where you want the files to be deleted. If there are no spaces in the path you dont need the "-symbol.
alisafiaAuthor Commented:
Will this delete folders and files in them?
Forfiles searches from the Top down, so a tree with just empty folders would end up having only the lowest level folder removed.
So, let's try this, use Forfiles to first get a list of folders older than 30 days, and create a batch file with the RD commands in it. Reverse sort that to start at the lowest level folder in each tree.
Then delete the files
Then run the batch file
Then clean up.
Set _tmpfl=%temp%\~rdfldr
Set _Source=C:\Test
If Exist "%_tmpfl%.*" Del "%_tmpfl%.*"
Forfiles /p "%_Source%" /S /D -30 /C "Cmd /C If @isdir==TRUE Echo @RD @Path 2^>Nul" >"%_tmpfl%.bat"
Forfiles /P "%_Source%" /S /D -30 /C "Cmd /C If @isdir==FALSE Del @Path"
Sort /R "%_tmpfl%.bat" /O "%_tmpfl%.cmd"
If Exist "%_tmpfl%.*" Del "%_tmpfl%.*"  

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Bill PrewIT / Software Engineering ConsultantCommented:
If you don't mind a small free utility approach, this is a great tool I use frequently for this type of task:

alisafiaAuthor Commented:
I could use a free tool, but this tool will not delete folders.

"Delage32 was not designed to delete directory structures depending on the age of the folder, regardless of the age of the files inside."

I need to delete folders and files longer than 30 days.
Here is a free util that will delete folders
Ben Personick (Previously QCubed)Lead Network EngineerCommented:

Just use this to delete any FOLDER that is a sub directory of the folder you specify:

(there is a slight difference if you use it in a batch or type it in the command prompt so I will list both here)

Command Line:

FOR /F %D IN ('DIR /A:D /B "C:\what\ever" ') DO RMDir /S /D "%D"


FOR /F %%D IN ('DIR /A:D /B "C:\what\ever" ') DO RMDir /S /D "%%D"
Bill PrewIT / Software Engineering ConsultantCommented:
==> I need to delete folders and files longer than 30 days.

Can we get a little more specific about what you want?  

If any file is older than 30 days, that's easy, we want to delete that.

But in the case where a folder is older than 30 days (and can you clarify, do you mean created date, or modified date?), then what should happen next.  Is that folder deleted, including all subfolders and files irregardless of the dates on those subfolders and files?  Or should the subfolder only be deleted if it is empty after removing all files older than 30 days?  Etc...

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