OpenCV, c++ problem

Hello experts!

I am C++ and OpenCV newbie.

Please have a look at the attached image.

This is my code:

int _tmain(int argc, _TCHAR* argv[])
              IplImage* src;

      IplImage* dst = cvCreateImage(cvGetSize(src), 8, 1);
      IplImage* color_dst = cvCreateImage(cvGetSize(src), 8, 3);
      CvMemStorage* storage = cvCreateMemStorage(0);
      CvSeq* lines = 0;

      int i;
      cvCanny(src, dst, 50, 200, 3); //<- program crashes inside this method

      cvCvtColor(dst, color_dst, CV_GRAY2BGR);

      lines = cvHoughLines2(dst,      storage, CV_HOUGH_PROBABILISTIC, 1, CV_PI/180, 80, 30, 10);

      for( i = 0; i < lines->total; i++)
            CvPoint* line = (CvPoint*)cvGetSeqElem(lines,i);
            cvLine(color_dst, line[0], line[1], CV_RGB(255,0,0), 3, 8);

      cvNamedWindow("Source", 1);
      cvShowImage("Source", src);
      cvNamedWindow("Hough", 1);
      cvShowImage("Hough", color_dst);



Any ideas? For me it looks like program crashed inside dll library, maybe dll contains bug?

Thank you

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jkrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well, it's not a crash, it's a diagnotic exception raised by OpenCV telling you that there's something wrong with the parameters you are passing to 'cvCanny()' (or 'cvSobel()' respectively, which is called by that function) - here it is that the number of color channels does not seem to match both the source and destination image ('src.channels() == dst.channels()' in your console window).
Just press the "Break" button in the dialog that you posted, then the debugger will jump to the code-line where the crash occured.
Most likely "pic1.bmp" cant be found.
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panJamesAuthor Commented:
ikework: -> it can find the image

jkr:it may be the reason. I will try different images.

Try specifying compatible parameters with 'cvCreateImage()'.
panJamesAuthor Commented:
In "Learning OpenCV" I found that I need 8bit image. And according to IrfanView I actually use such file (8 bitsperpixel).

Still I get errors as you can see on attached image.

Any ideas?


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