Problem with Win Server 2003 Shared Folders not always mapping for same login on multiple XP Prof. Desktops

I have a setup with a Windows 2003 R2 Standard Server and about 15 Windows XP Desktops. The Server and XP Pro Desktops have all the latest important windows updates applied.

The probelm is on one of the desktop's it is being reported that sometimes (1 or two times a week) the user will login to the XP Pro Desktop and the Server shared folders are not connected to the Desktop drives (there are about 7 of them).   The Desktop is logged in to server (it maps it's User Shared Folder that the Server setups up fine and has internet connection etc.. (the Win 2003 server is  the DNS and DHCP server).

This is only being reported as happeing on one of the three XP Pro desktops that the users use the same login name and password for (used on conference rooms).

When the user's login to their XP Pro Desktops a Server logon.bat program runs
and has in it's file:

start   \\server-name\netlogon\kix32

The Server share "NETLOGON"  is set to: "c:\windows\SYSVOL\sysvol\domain.local\SCRIPTS

In the above direcotry is stored the following relevant files:

KIX32.exe  - Date is from 2003 so it looks like an older version of the freeware script kiktart...

From above, the "login.kix" file has in it the KIX commands to setup Network Printers (Deletes printers and then add printers" and map shared folders to local drives (f:, m:, etc.) on local Windows XP Pro Desktop.  

I looked on the event log for the three XP Pro Desktops for the ones that share the same login and I do see some DHCP errors.

From Desktop that is not mapping the network drives at logon time (via login.bat -> KIX32.exe):


Source: Dhcp
Event ID: 1002

The IP address lease  <the desktops IP address> for the Network Card with network address
<the desktop’s mac address> has been denied by te DHCP server <the IP of DHCP server>.
The DHCP Sever sent a DHCPNACK message.

This message comes out in event viewer then another event the same as above but with for IP address is listed (instead of the Desktop’s assigned IP address).

When this happends I try and login mutlple times and it will not map the network drives.  I try logging in under another login name at the shared XP Desktop and I see the network drives map correctly.  

I see these DHCP errors 1 or 2 times a week in each of the three XP Pro Shared desktops using the same loigin name.

The DHCP server on the WIndows 2003 Server looks correct etc..  The MAC Address is of course unique for each Desktop etc..

What could be causing this?   Why would it only happen 1 or 2 times a week?  Etc..

If I want to edit the login.kik file what editor can I use?  I can open with word and convert to text to read but not sure if I can edit and save back as .kik and it will work okay or not..

I am not aware of any limitation of using the same login for 3 different shared XP Pro Desktops (The Active Driectory sessions is setup to allow the profile to be used on any computer etc..


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Honestly you dont even need the freeware scripting program. Login batch files are so simple to create its scary. heres a login script from my company:

NET USE T: \\ic-super32\TECHS
NET USE V: \\ic-super32\VENDORS
Net USe X: \\ic-super32\COMMIT

Save as a .bat file

If you wanted to throw in a printer VBS script you can do that as well. Like this:

NET USE T: \\ic-super32\TECHS
NET USE V: \\ic-super32\VENDORS
Net USe X: \\ic-super32\COMMIT


The VBS script should look like this for the printers:

wshnetwork.addwindowsprinterconnection "\\servername\printername"

UNC path to shared printer has to be in quotes. Save as a VBS and put in the netlogon folder under SYSVOL.
Then just copy the name of the new script under that particular user account.

I hope i didnt make you run away.....scripting is your friend. :)


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rdwolfAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the info. on replacing the current Kixtart (KIX32.exe) login program but I was hoping what the current problem could be caused by.  

I had listed DHCP errors being seen in event logs etc..  The mapping of the Server Drives and the printers etc. seem to be side effect of the main problem that I would think has to do with the DHCP errors I provided and the fact this is being seen on the 3 XP Pro Desktops that share one login since they are shared Desktops used in conference rooms.

Can anyone review my original post and provide some ideas on what could be happening?

rdwolfAuthor Commented:
I investigated the issue more and it seems the flaky behaviour is most likely due to the use at this location of a 2003 version of Kixstart freeware (there is 2010 versions of this freeware).

I will mostl likely go with built in Windows 2003 Server GPO setup and some VBS scripts etc..

The info. provided was helpful.
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