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I am new to the Apple server world so ignorance is my hurdle,  please bear with me..

I have a client that wanted to switch to an Apple network due to an application that they wanted to use. So they purchased 1 Mac Pro server and 8 iMacs (OS X 10.6). They realized soon after that they could not eliminate their existing Windows domain, due to applications running on the PC’s, after the new Mac Pro was installed and set up. These are just File/SQL/Print  servers.

Windows domain
Mac domain

It’s been 6 months or so, and everything is working well.

Now  the new project/dilemma.
They have decided to host their web and mail on their own servers since their mail provider has made costs uncomfortable, and unpleasant to work with. They will be purchasing a new Mac Pro server for these services.

They have 2 other domains that they have mail on, and want the new server to host another, under one umbrella, so to speak.

For simplicity (I do not have all the information on these names yet): their existing mail domains are and These are hosted through 2 different mail providers.
The new/main mail domain will be

I need to set up the new Mac Pro server:
1. In setting up the new server, does it need to be the same domain name as the existing Mac Pro server or would it have to be a new umbrella domain of
2. Since they have multiple email domains (aurora1 and aurora2) how would they be added to the new server, so that  each user can send/receive per mail domain?
3. Mobile access is required for this, but not interfere with web services (not installed yet). How do I set up web mail for one user login to send/receive for 3 domains?

I have looked over Apple’s site for help on this, but my particular dilemma is not covered, at least I could not find it.

I realize I have access to Apple support which I will be utilizing when the time comes, but I wanted to get an Idea of where I need to go to get this setup and working prior to going onsite. I have an OS-X server for testing that I can set up and get acquainted with, on mail and services..

Thank you for your help.
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nappy_dConnect With a Mentor There are a 1000 ways to skin the technology cat.Commented:
What we will have to do is create multiple virtual mail hosting domains on your OS X server.

However, before you start this, you need to configure backup MX hosts using services such what provides.  This way as you migrate your mx records, mail is not potentially lost.
ultreyaAuthor Commented:
could you elaborate a bit please?
nappy_dThere are a 1000 ways to skin the technology cat.Commented:
Inside of server admin,  you would go to the mail server and then to the advanced tab.  In there you would create virtual domains to be hosted on a single box.

To learn some more about backup MX host servers read this.  I think it's a good idea before you make the switch.
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ultreyaAuthor Commented:
ok that"s #2

That just leave #1 and  #3
nappy_dThere are a 1000 ways to skin the technology cat.Commented:
1. This depends do you want OD and the same domain. I would think that it's easier than having to build new domains and dns just for this purpose.

3. Let's get other items working first but you can do this in workgroup manager in the user profile.
ultreyaAuthor Commented:
They have an existing OD aurora.private on their already existing server. However the mail domain is going to be different. I may be looking at this from an exchange standpoint, however this is my first Mac mail server setup. I would not want to redo their existing setup ??? so I would have to add the new and other domains in "Server admin/settings/advanced" and the default aurora.private should be under "localhost"?   I would join this server to the existing OD right?
ultreyaAuthor Commented:
How do i configure the domains per account? (user1 to use and user2 to use

how do i configure the outgoing accounts? rather than user1@aurora.private?
ultreyaAuthor Commented:
Ok the server is in place and the initial domain is running???
I have added the second domain in the virtual hosted section and added the users with their short names. (

Their 2nd domain is hosted and i need to move their mail to their internal accounts.
ex... from hosted server to new server, but how do I get their mail from one place to another? IF I setup a client to connect and download the mail, that stores it on a local machine not the server, how would i get the mail to the right accounts in the server?
ultreyaAuthor Commented:
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