file line size

Can u please let me know if the line size is 350 in attached file.
Are can u please let me know an easy way to check this. I transfered teh file from unix to windows b4 attaching here, since the file is in unix directory.
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perl -ne 'print length,"\n"' test

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Maciej SsysadminCommented:
Each line has 344 characters.
[maciek@black:~/EE]% cat test| while read line; do echo -n ${line} | wc -c; done

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Sara_j_11Author Commented:
wehn i execute it I get the result:

does that mean that line size is 345?
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Maciej SsysadminCommented:
345 with "new line" character (344 without it). Yes.
not counting the line terminator
perl -lne 'print length' test
awk '{print length($0)}' test

"not counting the line terminator"
murugesandinsShell_script Automation /bin/bash /bin/bash.exe /bin/ksh /bin/mksh.exe AIX C C++ CYGWIN_NT HP-UX Linux MINGW32 MINGW64 SunOS Windows_NTCommented:
Updated command using awk without counting the line terminator:

            awk '{print length}' test
           awk '{print "Number of characters in the LINE"NR": "length}' test
murugesandinsShell_script Automation /bin/bash /bin/bash.exe /bin/ksh /bin/mksh.exe AIX C C++ CYGWIN_NT HP-UX Linux MINGW32 MINGW64 SunOS Windows_NTCommented:
Example command using read:

while read NumberOfCharcters
echo ${#NumberOfCharcters}
done < test

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