Citrix dropping a user

Hey Everyone,

So I have a user who is calling up every few minutes to tell me she is getting dropped from Citrix Access Platform.  We use Citrix Presentation Server and they basically connect to a default desktop which holds our applications.  Now she is traveling, (on a bus) and is connected via Wifi to a Verizon Wirless Hot-Spot which is a device that generates a Wifi signal.  She is complaining that her Citrix will periodically freeze in an intermittent manner and then she needs to end task and close it.  Does anyone have any experience with a user who is on a bus, using a hot-spot and connected to a Citrix server?  Also, I noticed our servers have been on for a REALLY REALLY long time, i'm talking weeks.  Is this normal, I'm not too savy with servers.  Any help would be greatly appreciated, and I apologize if i'm being vague but i'm not typically the person who handles this issue, just the scapegoat.
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Mike ThomasConsultantCommented:
I had a user who used to do the same but on a Train, they had the same problems the conclusion I came to was that as there was no way I could manage when or where they would connect, or the quality of the connection or its availablity while on the move so it was not my issue...there is nothing you can do if they insist on moving arround you need to tell them straight that you have no control over these things.

Latency issues with Citrix are a big problem.  You need to tell your user that it just doesnt work when jumping from cell tower to cell tower.  They are bridged connections but not like wifi in a building.  Cell data will drop when jumping from tower to tower and Citrix will not tolerate it.

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BillyHigdonAuthor Commented:
Thank you both for the responses.  I have spoken with another tech and will bring this to our network administrator for further action.  Ticket will be closed once I hear back from him.  Glad I'm not the only one who has seen this.  Thanks again!

BillyHigdonAuthor Commented:
Issue was out of my control.  Jumping from cell phone tower causes Citrix latency issues.  She has stopped yelling at me about this.  
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