Which Exchange Files/Folders need to be backed up (Using Mozy Backup)

I just purchased Mozy for Business and I would like to know which files or folders to backup that are related to Exchange?  I have a Small Business Server 2003.

I contacted Mozy technical Supoort and they said that they did not know, that it was up to the end-user to decide.
Mark MarquezAsked:
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I have never heard of anyone using mozy to back up Exchange.  if you can't see an obvious option in the software then it probably can't.  You may be better off to use the built-in SBS backup to an external HD to get exchange and just use mozy for your files.
I do not know the mozy program, but the most important files for exchange are the database and log files
The location you have selected during SBS install
Default is C:\program files\exchsrvr\MDBDATA
but backupping the whole exchsrvr directory is a good idea

Doesn't the backup program support some sort of agent to backup certain stores, or even individual mailboxes?
Restoring a exchange server from only the database and log files is a very tough job.
Helped by univision-computers comment I thought of the following:
You can use ntbackup to backup Exchange to a file on your harddisk. Then use you mozy program to back it up to the media of your desire.
Kinda double .... ntbackup can perfectly write to other media too.

the drawback of ntbackup is that you can't restore individual mailboxes in SBS2003 .... just a whole store.
I see on their website that they support backing up exchange:

So it  must be an option you can select.  Did you purchase the pro/server version?
Mark MarquezAuthor Commented:
Thanks Guys.  

I have not yet installed it on the server.  I was curious which files to backup?  I am assuming that there is some kind of preset within Mozy to backup exchange.  A quick google search looks to be disturbing.  Looks like exchage store stops responding after Mozy backs up and some registry tweek?
So to be on the safe side, I will download and install the Mozy Pro-server on a worksation and backup the exchange data over the network-according to TS, its supports that?  
Also, would you all recommend using Mozy to backuo my NT backup of exchange and system state?
I would recomment another backup program :), but you don't really need the mozy if you will use the ntbackup.
A simple scheduled batch file can copy the bkf files over the network for you too.
Mark MarquezAuthor Commented:
Well, I currently have NT backup scheduled to run and BKUP Exchagne, System State, and a Full to an external drive attached to a workstation.  So far it's working fine.  Just trying to impleament an offsite solution to accompany the NT backup currently running.  Is NT backup healty for exchagne?  flushing logs/cleanup?
Yes it's ok, but as I said, only full store restores can be done.
That's the biggest drawback for me.

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NTBackup is a good program, although not very feature rich.  Your best bet might be to use both.  I would run an NTBackup and then use mozy to shuttle the .bkf files and your documents and other data to your online storage cache.  It's up to you whether you want to use Mozy to capture Exchange too.  Chances are that once you install the software it will be clear how to select exchange.  You don't want to select the location of the exchnage files themselves as they are in use and that may cause problems.  Mozy should be exchange-aware and have the ability to back up the database while it is online.  It may be worth a try after hours or on a test server if you have one to make sure it does not interrupt Exchange.
Mark MarquezAuthor Commented:
OK thanks... Will look at testing it.  Thanks again.

NTBackup to Mozy anyday.

Prefered option == Backupexec 12.5
If you are stickler on price, you can buy cheap from here

BackupExec will let you restore a message / a mailbox or the whole store.
ntbackup will restore the whole EDB before you can do anything with it. Most of the time you dont need the whole EDB to be restored.
You also have options to merge it to a test mailbox etc. etc. with BakcupExec.
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