Projector for Office Wall

Hey there,

I'd like to purchase a projector. Here's the intended use:

Mount it above the reception desk at our office. It will display above the desktop on a light blue wall (or will paint white for the projection area or add white vinyl.)

The room is lit relatively well by daylight, so I know I need one with a higher lumens rating.

Picture quality isn't of much concern -- it will primarily be projecting large text on the wall, no video or anything.

I've found a couple of options:
Optoma DS317
Digital Galaxy Dream Land DG-973

What do you think about them? I'd love to spend under $300 on this since it will only serve one purpose.

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I found one around $200 that projects up to 50 inches which is 4 feet.
How far does your image need to project?
david1986Author Commented:
50" is the SIZE of the area projected? Or it will project from 50" away?

Ideally, I'd like the throw to be about 11-12ft. But maybe this isn't possible for what I'm wanting?

If so, I suppose I could mount it from the ceiling @ 4FT...not quite as nifty tho.

Thanks for the help!
10.01 feet (3.05 metres)

Here is a Digital Galaxy LCD projector.

Down the page you see the specs.

The projection distance is 3 meters = 10 feet.

So 10 feet is not 11 or 12 feet but $270 and free shipping is under $300.

I did find the DG 973 on Ebay but the seller is in another country, so not ideal with my experiences on Ebay as a buyer and seller.
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david1986Author Commented:
that seems like a real good deal....

Do you think it's a piece of crap? (honestly, eh?)
well if you want a testimonial it can not be from me. How about from a user:
They have the DG 747 but the brand is the same. I saw other brands on Ebay but never heard of them and some did not even state a brand.

This buyer of the DG 747 gives you a good bit of detail:

(if you go to the direct link, then you can be directed to the DG website and there is a link in the article to a "video" demonstration.
Picked this up last week and thought I'd post my thoughts on this in case anyone might be looking for a cheap ($340) projector. Please keep in mind, if I wanted a name brand high dollar projector I could buy one. That is not what I was looking for. I wanted something to use to project the Wii for parties and use when using on the side of an RV when camping. I am reviewing this on it's own merits, not comparing it to more expensive units.

That being said, I picked up a Digital Galaxy DG-747 projector from an e-bay seller (houstonelectron) that ended up being less than 4 miles away from my workplace so I picked it up in person! Website for Digital Galaxy here with specs for the DG-747.

This an 800x600, 2500 lumens, single panel LCD projector with the following inputs: HDMI, VGA, Component, Composite, single coax and S-Video along with stereo RCA out. It will accept up to a 1080i signal. In the box, aside from the projector/remote, you get HDMI, composite, s-video and VGA cables. My package also came with an extra bulb.

Wasn't sure what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised. I have tried it with my PS2, Wii and DVD player (all at 480 16:9), laptop (640x480) and blu-ray player (1080i). All worked without a hitch.

It's tough to comment on overall picture quality as I am projecting on a twin size bed sheet (no reflective surface and no backing). The
screen is about 100" diagonal. But, I am pretty pleased so far, especially when watching blu-rays. Watched Enchanted, Wall-e and the Rush Snakes and Arrows concert. Image detail on close up shots is actually pretty decent. Long shots (like the overhead tracking shots of the city in Wall-E) lose fine detail but are still acceptable overall. Color saturation is another thing I am hesitant to judge without a proper screen (which I may never get as this won't be my main display).

Throw distance is pretty much 1:1 so keep that in mind if you decide to pick one up. Focus is manual and keystone adjustment is up 15 degrees. Fan noise is is supposed to be in the 30db range. Once the movies get going I don't notice it. The onboard speakers aren't too shabby and I will likely not bother with extra speakers when camping or projecting the Wii. For occasional home use I have the audio out running to a 2.1 speaker setup as I really don't want to buy and hide cables to run to my home theater receiver.

I watched Lord of the Rings last night and captured a short video. The raw video looks much better than the compressed you tube video so keep that in mind.

Video Sample

All in all, if you want a cheap projector for light duty, you can do much much worse IMO. Bulbs are inexpensive at $20-30. Life is rated at 4000hrs and I have an extra one already. Build quality is good.

There are also 640x480 (DG-737)flavors of this projector. Both models come in HDMI and for a few bucks less, non-HDMI models (everything else is identical). These are available from various sellers on e-bay but the I purchased from warranties the projector for 1 year locally (so you send it to them in Houston if you have a problem, not back to China).
david1986Author Commented:
I saw that testimonial already actually. Nice review.

I'm just scared as to how well it's going to project in the daylight. And I'm new to the whole projector scene. Is there anything else I should be aware of before jumping on a model like that?
I am finding some that work well at night or daylight, but they are in the $600 + range.
I've had no experience with modern day projectors.
Let your question be viewed by more members and you should get the proper assistance with your question.

I did find an article that discusses daylight use. Maybe it offers you a little info you do not already know.

How many Lumens is recommended for a Classroom Projetor?

You should select a classroom projector that has roughly 3000 Lumens for best illumination. This will ensure that large audiences can view the display with bright lights being displayed in the classroom. Also remember that the larger the screen you use, the more Lumens you should require from your projector.

Classroom Projectors: Brightness

Classrooms can be deceiving with regards to brightness because of fluorescent lights. These lights are extraordinarily bad for the projected image. Fluorescent lights tend to make a room much brighter which will make your classroom projector appear much dimmer. To counter the effects of classroom lighting, make sure that you purchase a classroom projector that is bright enough to leave the majority of the class lights on. This way you can maximize your lesson plan and minimize the “goofing off” that happens when you turn off the lights.

In the past, overhead projectors were the only option a classroom had as a classroom projector. Because technology continues to grow, so do the options. So now that newer, more-advanced technology is available, the lighting becomes more of an issue. Since classrooms may want to keep the lights on, it is important to have a projector that will be bright enough to be useful. A light output of 1,000 ANSI Lumens is good for a only very dark rooms. Many projectors today have a brighter output, so look for the highest available. Brighter is better – go for at least 2,000 lumens.

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david1986Author Commented:
Thanks so much -- that's very good info.

The fact that it varies based on the size is a good thing, since I don't need to project on large surface. 50" is more than enough for my needs.

You've been quite helpful -- thanks again.
david1986Author Commented:
I'd love a couple more opinions on the topic if anyone else has any!

One thing to watch out, especially with cheap projectors is the cost of the replacement bulbs (and the life of each bulb), the availability of the bulbs & the runnings costs of the projectors (electric and maintenance).

We have over 50 standard bulb projectors and have started to make the switch to the Casio LED projectors (XJ-A130), while the up front cost is more expensive, we do break even at on average around year 4/5 and start saving money from year 6 onwards (depending on usage some of our projectors will start saving us money sooner eg yr 3 while others will start saving us money in year 7).

david1986Author Commented:
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