Web-Based HTML Editor

I have been looking for this solution for a LONG time. Maybe someone out there can help.

I develop websites and always have customers request if they can edit certain things like prices or announcements (not whole pages or design).
I need a script that has simple authentication and allow them to edit a block of HTML code and save it.
I also need very simple formatting tools like font bold, underline, style ect.

I like the simple theme of tiny mce and have found easy php authentication scripts that only need a text file to store name and passwords.

I CANNOT seem to tie it all in. Can someone help? I seem to get lost when it comes to recalling, editing, saving and finally displaying the HTML.

I seem to try this every 3 months or so and then give up.

NOTE: the less pages the better. I am approaching my inode limit on my host and need to use this solution on about 12 websites. I just know that some WYSIWYG's can have 2,000 files or more.
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lenamtlConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'm using this one, very very easy to used

I'm coding my own applications using PHP/MySQL and I'm including  this Jquery editor into my forms that allow user or admin to edit the content.

I stopped using Joomla because i always need specifics needs and Joomla have all the time security issue and updates..

Doing your own application make take longer the first time but this will be quicker for the next projetc because you will reuse a lot of code :)
webjinksAuthor Commented:
I will award points to the simplest solution. I don't want to overkill the problem.
Have you tried this editor?


I dont think there are too many stand alone editors left out there. Your best bet is to change to a simple CMS. It can make routines like authentication, editing. ftp etc. blissfully easy for your customers.
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I use TinyMCE on an application

I am thinking that CKeditor would be the better choice. It is in active development Tiny MCE seems to be forgotten.


It may seem a bit complex to configure.  However, once implemented it works fine.  You can turn off the menu items you don’t want.
webjinksAuthor Commented:
I checked out CKeditor but am still confused how to recall HTML code, change it via editor, then save it to be recalled later. It is setup to post the form to a page that displays it's output. It's not being saved anywhere.

I know this is how these editors are used but am missing something.
webjinksAuthor Commented:
I just need a solution. How do other designers let there customers change simple things like prices and phone numbers?

Please don't respond with using a CMS like Joomla! or allow FTP.
Joomla is overkill and FTP is too complicated. I need a simple solution.
For Web based none chat has to be


This could build a hole web site in no time, i use it and recommend it far better then TinyMCE for web site content,

For forum post or type of end user edit TinyMCE the best as its so limiting but that is where the problem come in for site content
webjinksAuthor Commented:
Thank you lenamtl!
markItUp! looks perfect and am testing.
I love the diferent set to download and basic html set only has 21 files.
Sounds almost too good to be true, but so does a lot of open source but that's just how awesome it is.
webjinksAuthor Commented:
I am actually using HTMLarea with a simple php command to write and callback a single file.
It works perfect. I am awarding points to lenamtl because it looks like their solution would work the same as well.
webjinksAuthor Commented:
Any way you can send simple instructions or a single html file that renders instead of just showing the code.
This would assume that I have markItUp installed in the root directory?
What is fun with this is you can mixed several package into one.

To help you customize it you can check here, there is 3 tutorials in french that help a lot.
Just other users know, the one that has been accepted is a jQuery plugin, this will not work if you have another Library that used $() object without some modifying and don't forget to add the jQuery javascript file into your code. chekout the Google CDN.
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