Exchange 2010 DAG in failed state

The exchange 2010 DAG replication is in failed state. Its because of transactions logs being manually deleted.
I tried to suspend and resume the replication but didn’t work. Any ideas how I can fix this.
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Malli BoppeAsked:
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Paul SDesktop Support Manager / Network AdministratorCommented:
Did you reboot the exchange services or the server itself?

did you read this:

this looks similar to your issue:

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Did you try restoring the logs from vss backup ?
you can fix it by dismounting the store.  then delete all the logs and .chk file (or copy them to another location, just in case)  You should do the same on the mailboxdatabasecopy.  you can try after this to mount the store.  if you still get an error, put it offline and run eseutil /p database_name and it will recreate the check file and you should be able to mount the store.  I did the same on my site and it worked.
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you can fix it by dismounting the store.  then delete all the logs and .chk file (or copy them to another location, just in case)

>> when we are trying to fix an issue with deleted log-files, why would you recommend deleting all other logfiles and do hard-repair on the database. The asker hasnt reported any issue with the database, it's just that log files are missing.
I did this in our test environment since we didn't backup that one, deleting the logs and chk files was the only way. (didn't need them anyway) Some stores were down because they were out of disk space.

Off course you're option is by far the safest and preferred.  forget every word I said.
Malli BoppeAuthor Commented:
Thanks Guys
I don't want to restore logs from the database as we don't have proper backup till last week.How can create fresh data base copy.I don't mind deleting logs and database from the passive server and then reseeding from the active server.
If you can't loose anything important, you can try fixing it my way.  it worked in my situation.  But I still would like to hear Sunnyc7's opinion.

@sunnyc7 what would you suggest?  I've seen the incredible number of points you've earned and compared to you i'm just a rookie.  I joined this forum to learn and in the end to become an expert :-)
Malli BoppeAuthor Commented:
If I  just remove the server from the DAG.Delete database and logs and then add the replica again.Is it safe to do that.
Sorry i didnt respond over the weekend, was meeting family / friends etc.

JhonnyLa > points has got nothing to do with being right and testing it :)
If you have tested it and it works - there is no substitute for that.

JohnnyLa's process is easier to test than delete and re-seed.

We can also try to first suspend and resume and see if that starts log generation for the passive server, using shell / EMC here

If that doesnt work.
then you can remove a database copy using this
Remove-MailboxDatabaseCopy -Identity DB1\MBX3 -Confirm:$False
> After that you have to manually delete database and logs

And then add mailbox database copy, using the instructions here.
Malli BoppeAuthor Commented:
Attched is the error that we are getting when trying to update the replica copy.
did you try to remove the database / replica and logs and then seed it ?

See how to troubleshoot that

We need to find out the current database copy status

Get-MailboxDatabaseCopyStatus -identity SERVERNAME | FL
Malli BoppeAuthor Commented:
i mnaully coped the transactions logs from server1 to server2 and resumed the replication.Every thing seems to work fine.Thanks for your help.
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