I could copy and past for 20 years, until now.

I scan a document with my HP. I copy the document. I bring up MS Word. I paste. I get a tiny littel thing that looks like a flag. Past Special does not help. This is an upgrade? I did this for 20 years and got the document. It works, O. K. in MS Publisher.


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arthurmnevConnect With a Mentor Commented:
to check the document scans properly, try to save it and re-import it. Depending on what kind of result you will see, you will know if this is a paste related issue or document format / interpretation of that format by publisher.
pubbuddyAuthor Commented:
It pastes, O. K. in MS Publisher. Does that rule out paste problems?
pubbuddyAuthor Commented:
I can only say that this had to be a glitch, of some kind. As mysteriously as it arrived, it left. I think, given my feeble explanation, the tech did a good job. I've chosen not to add the database because I don't think it is an educational issue.
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