"The dependency service or group failed to start"

It is my dad's laptop.  Hp Pavilion dv6.  Not sure how this happened but the internet will not work anymore.  There is just that red X on the network icon on the bottom right.  When I put my mouse over this red X icon - it says the connection status: unknown - the dependency service or group failed to start".  I tried some solutions based on Google searches but it seems like this is a multi purpose error and I cannot figure out how to fix it.

How do I fix this?  The wireless radio is on (it is one of those laptops where you touch it for wireless radio to turn on, but it is blue and on)

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type services.msc in run and hit enter. if it is xp, check if wireless zero configuration is started or not, if not start it. if vista or win7, check the same for WLAN Auto Config. Post any errors and the operating system name.
Kenny537Author Commented:
OS - Vista home sp2

WLAN auto config is disabled - so is the wired auto config and the wmi performance
for wireless you have to enable wlan auto config and then apply and then start it
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Kenny537Author Commented:
I enabled wlan auto config and put it on automatic... then i hit the start button under its properties and it gave me the following error:

windows could not start wlan autoconfig service on Local Computer

Error 1608: the dependency service or group failed to start
Under dpendencies tab in wlan auto config properties, you will see a number of services that need to be enabled and started for wireless to work. Click on the + to expand and see the whole list and make sure all of them are working.
there is a chance of some infection blocking the services form starting. you can scan the computer with combo fix and post the logs for us to check:
above is the tutorial and download link for combofix.
Kenny537Author Commented:
Okay. I will try and do that.

Another, possibly unrelated problem:  the computer was in sleep mode just now, and I turned it back on - and the wireless "button" is orange now.  It it supposed to be blue.  It it not really a button though.. its just something you put your finger over to turn on and off.  But when I put my finger over it, it does not turn blue.  This just happened for the first time about a half hour ago.. and I had to restart the computer for it to turn blue.  It turns back to blue when Windows is loading up.

Also, we had to replace the power adapter for the laptop because the first one randomly stopped working.  And this new one just stopped working for a second just now as I was trying to restart.  But now its working again.  So I guess what I'm saying is maybe it is a hardware problem?  And this dependency error is just a symptom?
Kenny537Author Commented:
Maybe it is the motherboard?  I don't think I have control over any of the "touch" buttons now .. the volume adjuster or anything.  Also Windows is taking an abnormally long time to load up.
Kenny537Author Commented:
Yeah, I am noticing the volume icon next to the network icon.  Both icons have red Xes ... it says the audio service is not running .. so I cannot even adjust the volume.  I think this is something else than simply just the wireless connectivity.
Kenny537Author Commented:
When I try to go to the dependencies tab in the wlan auto config properties like you said, it will not let me, it just pops up an error saying the following:

Win32: The service cannot be started, either because it is disabled or because it has no enabled devices associated with it
there might be hardware issues too but  for them to  disable a running service would be a long guess. the services can  hampered by the hardware in that the service they provide may not work but to turn them off or disable them is not something a harware issue is capable of.
for your wireless button turning orange, i think it might get automatically turned off thinking you are not using wireless anymore since the service is stopped.
and do check if you have any short circuits where you plug your adapters in.
in run type devmgmt.msc and hit enter. expand network adapters and right click on the wureless adpter. if you see an option that says enable, hit it restart and try to start the service again.
Kenny537Author Commented:
I've tried plugging in the adapter in many different outlets.  I think you may just have to be delicate with the plug for it not to lose the charge.

You're right, the wireless button is probably turning orange because I am not using it - but when it comes back from sleep mode.. I cannot change it back to blue .. I have to restart for it to do that.. and I cannot adjust volume.  Both of these things are probably symptoms of whatever is causing the audio and wireless devices not to function .. so hopefully fixing that will fix this problem as well.  I will download that combofix thing tomorrow and let you know what happens, thanks!
Check the Laptop Manufacturer's website for patches.  There has been a few wifi cards that requires firmware updates to recover from a sleep mode properly.   most of them doesn't come back properly from sleep and requires a full system reboot to get them back online.
Kenny537Author Commented:
I am pretty sure the core problem is something hardware related.  I tried doing what you said today .. but I didn't get that far.  For one thing, the laptop will not charge.  I tried restarting the laptop.. and now it will rarely even get past the bootup screen, after that it just shuts off.  And it does not shut off because it has low battery, because the battery is still around 75%, even though it is not charging.  Something is wrong... motherboard?
Right click computer, click properties, in Advanced tab, hit settings button under Startup and REcovery, uncheck the box under System Failure that says automatically restart. This should stop the computer from restarting if it is restarting because of a system issue and pop an error message.
AH...... My bad. as soon as you power up your computer, start tapping the F8 key. If you get to the advanced boot options screen, select the option that says disable automatic shutdown on system failure and check if you are able to boot into windows.
Kenny537Author Commented:

I tried downloading ComboFix and followed the instructions, but it gave me this error:

"Incompatible OS. ComboFix only works for workstations with Windows 2000 and XP"
Try to run spybot search and destroy:
Kenny537Author Commented:
Okay, I did that.  It fixed some errors - but the same problem exists.
Lukasz ChmielewskiCommented:
did you try to reset BIOS to defaults after changing power adapter ? disable advanced power management in bios if it is on, try then... also go to properties of a network card to verify if it is switched off if it is not used
Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
A large number of HP laptops are defective!  The NVidia chips overheat causing themselves to physically break the solder joints to the systemboard.  Two, prevalent, early symptoms are refusing to charge the battery and/or having the wireless adapter cease to function.
On the bottom of the laptop is the HP part number which always ends in #ABA.  Post that number so I can see if it is an affected model.
Kenny537Author Commented:
FR933UA#ABA  (p/n)
Kenny537Author Commented:
This is unbelievable.

I called HP - and the guy that I got was an idiot.  He said he would not tell me if it is defective or not, and since it is not under warranty anymore,  I would have to pay to send it for diagnostic and repairs ... 400$ ... might as well get a new laptop.

After grilling him some more, I finally got him to check if the model # is defective and was recalled.  At first he thought I should do it.  He checked and it is under recall .. he would not tell me why -  he said that I cannot tell without a diagnostic test - and even though the freakn' laptop is under recall ... he says I will still be charged 400$ .. but since it's under recall, I qualify for a 100$ rebate... whooptee doo.  

It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever ... HP RECALLED the laptop.. why the heck would I pay anything?  It's their own damn fault, hence the recall.  Yeah, my laptop is out of warranty by roughly a year.. but how is it my fault that the symptoms started showing up only recently?  

I told him this and he said "it's our policy"

I'm going to call again tomorrow and hopefully I get someone that is more reasonable.
Kenny537Author Commented:

My product is not listed.. but a lot of the symptoms are the same..
Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
According to that part number, you have a DV4-1124 ( http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/product?product=3842105&lc=en&cc=us&dlc=en&submit.y=6&submit.x=10&lang=en&cc=us# )
I thought you said it was a DV6?
If you do have the DV4, it most probably is not a failure due to overheating/desoldering as that model uses the Intel X4500, not NVidia.
Given what has already been tried, I would suggest backing up any files (pictures, documents, taxes, email, etc) and doing a factory recovery which you do by pressing F11 before Windows starts to boot.  If that doesn't fix the issue we'll know its hardware related.
Was the system banged or dropped? (I have a Toshiba here that works great as long as you press down on one of the main chipset parts and the owner confessed it fell out of the back of his Escalade)

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Kenny537Author Commented:
It might have been dropped, but I believe the symptoms were already being exhibited immediately before that.  Also, yes I put dv6 by accident in the first post.  I will try to do what you said, but I am reading online and plenty of people have similar problems with the dv4, but HP refuses to do a recall even though they know it is defective.
Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
On every modern systemboard are at least two chipset devices that are about 1.4 inches square and have up to 600, really tiny, solder balls on the bottom.  They are attached by heating the part and the board to about 400 degrees and contolling the cooling very carefully.  Any defect in the process will result in bad or weak solder joints.
The NVidia problem occurs because the silicon inside the part (its about 1cm square) was poorly attached to the carrier (the 1.4 inch part) which causes it to heat up far more than it should and unevenly.  This causes the part to curl, stressing the solder balls, and, eventually they disconnect
Dropping the laptop can also easily create a shock strong enough to also break those solder joints.
OR, as I said in my first paragraph, any defect in the manufacturing process will result in poor solder joints, too.
Kenny537Author Commented:
Okay, it has been formatted - I am installing the drivers and will update on what happens.
Kenny537Author Commented:
It works now.  Although the touch wireless radio button is still inconsistent.  One would have to get lucky for it to turn on.  Thanks everyone!
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