Exchange 2010 server trouble after removing Exchange 2003 from domain (various error messages that worry me - though server is functional)

After removing Exchange 2003 (via SBS 2003) from my domain, my Exchange 2010 box is getting some errors:

I followed demazter's guide to migrate from SBS 2003 to Exchange 2010.  I had left both servers up for about a month until I was ready to remove the SBS box.  So I was at step 10 of demazter's instructions:

But here's the problem, I removed Exchange 2003 from the SBS machine and shut down the SBS machine exactly as demazter described, but now my Exchange 2010 box is missing some important parts (see screen shots below).  I'm a little new to Exchange 2007/2010 - so I'm not sure what to add and how to fix it.

See screen shots below for the exact errors I'm seeing.  I'm not sure how to describe them.
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Vikas ShahConnect With a Mentor Currently Seeking OpportunitiesCommented:
Hello dmessman,

Follow the below mentioned steps and try:

Go the the following path:


And delete the Exchange Management Console.

This will solve your problem.

Let us know if you still experience any issues.


Glen KnightCommented:
Hi dmessman,
I am sorry you have had problems with my guide.

I would suggest you checkout my blog post here to see if it resolves your immediate problem, if not then let me know and we can trouble shoot further.

dmessmanAuthor Commented:
yup, that's all it was.  What was the clue you used to determine it was just the MMC giving errors and not a real problem somewhere?
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dmessmanAuthor Commented:
demazter - no problem with your guide.  It was incredibly helpful.  
Glen KnightCommented:
This is quite a common issue which is why I wrote my blog post about it :)
dmessmanAuthor Commented:
demazter - if you'd like to comment, I opened a new question dealing with some other errors I'm getting after my SBS 2003 to Exchange 2010 migration.  The question is here:

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