Error using advanced find to populate marketing lists

Hi Experts,

We're experiencing an issue in CRM where our users can manually select a group of leads (the result of some criteria set up in an advanced find) and add them to a marketing list in small batches, however, they get a generic error if they select the radio button to add ALL the leads at one time to the marketing list.

So I researched this and tried the following:
1) the error code hresult=0x80004005 is the code returned.  This goes with error msg "There is a problem communicating with the Microsoft dynamics CRM Server"  Googling that I saw that others had the same issue, but no one posted how (or if) they resolved it

2) there's a really old Kb from 3.0 about a similar issue, but we're on 4.0.  all this wanted to do was run a hotfix

3)we are current all the  way through Rollup 12...the issue popped up partway through working in rollup 11

4) there's an article here I found off a thread on a similar question about sockets getting overloaded.
we already had these 2 registry keys set to the recommendations in the article

5) found a thread about making sure the user trying to run the request was in the right group on the machine...they are.  Also was able to duplicate the error on my machine, running as sysadmin, so it isn't the groups the user belongs to.

so it is strange that you can populate a marketing list with advanced find, but only if you manually select the leads...a pain for the large lists we do.  WE even tried getting it to fail in smaller batches to see if it might be bad/incomplete data causing the error, but the records we thought were problems were ok when we opened and inspected them.

Anyone seen this issue before, or have any ideas as to what might be the issue?  Thanks!
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Chinmay PatelChief Technology NinjaCommented:
Hi bucball2007,
I was wondering how about hooking up a custom processor in your Advanced Find. I know it is totally unsupported solution but we can give it a shot.
I suggest you wait for a while, if another expert comes up with an answer and also I suggest to talk to Microsoft Support and if things doesn't work out then I will give a try to this, custom processor.

Feridun KadirPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
Have a look at this thread - afraid it isn't very conclusive.

Are they all running Windows 7 clients when doing this?
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bucball2007Author Commented:
Actually no.  I'm on Windows 7.  The 2 users that are basically in charge of building/distributing marketing lists are on XP.  HOWEVER both those two users and myself experience the same issue.  It doesn't seem to be tied to Rollup 11 either--they noticed about halfway into their time with that, but the issue carried over in Rollup 12.  
have you run a client side trace and server side trace at the same time?

If you have can you attach the log files so i can have a look please?
bucball2007Author Commented:
I haven't traced them yet--but when I can coordinate with them to do so, I'll run one & post the log file--thanks
bucball2007Author Commented:
I opened a Microsoft case on this; traced the issue and will update the post with steps we took to resolve the issue when we get to that point.  Thanks!
I've heard that this is a bug with Rollup 11 that hasnt been fixed in Rollup 12. Could you let me know what MS say about this?
There is supposed to be a specific set of criteria the user/client machine has to adhere to to generate the error. If Ms tell you this, could you post this too?
bucball2007Author Commented:
MS confirmed that this is a bug that they do not yet have a fix for.  They did guarantee me that a fix will be issued in Rollup 13.  
I left my case open until Rollup 13 comes out and we install it to ensure it resolves the issue.  MS admitted that they have a handful of cases with the same complaint, so it is definitely a known issue that they are working to resolve.
When Rollup 13 is ready for release, MS will follow up with my case, so I can post that info here.  
The tech I was working with said that they have identified the issue has to do with sharing and advanced finds.  There is something there that is triggering an error with populating the marketing lists.

We get the error every time we choose the option to use advanced find to populate the marketing list members, and then we select the option to add ALL members to the marketing list.  If we control click and select small batches of members it will complete without an error.  That's the only steps we have found that generate the error, but there might be other steps that crash it too.  MS didn't elaborate on any other steps to generate the error.
Thanks for the info!
bucball2007Author Commented:
Yay!  MS called me today and said they are actually working on this.  If they send me a hotfix before Rollup 13 comes out, I'll post it; they said they put a priority on getting a fix out sooner.
Brilliant - thanks for the info! I hope they release a fix soon!
bucball2007Author Commented:
They're supposed to follow up around 9/29 again...hope to have a fix to post soon for everyone following this post :)
bucball2007Author Commented:
They released Rollup 13; I haven't applied it yet as I have to schedule downtime with users...but here's the link in cae it helps someone else in the meantime :)  Microsoft said this specific issue is addressed and fixed in this rollup-so we'll try it out and see.

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