How Can I change my exchange server 2010 IP address to a name for OWA users?

Curenetly I have an IP for my Exchange server through which everybody from remote office can access the emails with the help of owa but i wanted to change it to some name which becomes easy for my users to remember.

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ssparks827Connect With a Mentor Commented:
since you don't have anything mapped for a cname - create an A record

an A record would essentially be a subdomain name off your domain name

then you will map (ie remote) to the IP address of your exchange server.

host will be the the subdomain name ie remote <----don't type anything else not your domain or .com

then the ip address is your IP of the exchange server

that should do it

you already have everything working going to the IP so you shouldn't have to do anything with your firewall.
create an a record in dns

by default your http://servername/owa will work too

you can go into dns and create an a record under your forward lookup for your domain that will point to whatever you want the domain to be.
kedarvyasAuthor Commented:
I am sorry to ask you this silly question but how can you change name of the exchang server 2010
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you don't want to change the name of the exchange server you just want to add a record in dns that states when you go http://myemail/owa it will point to the correct IP

your options are as follows

1 don't do anything and just have the users type the address of the server name ex - http://myemailserver/owa

2. create a cname is the best way to go that way you just point to your existing server.  This is under the dns management console

Let me know and I can create a step by step picture rich help file for you.
kedarvyasAuthor Commented:
I will really appreciate your help if you can create a step by step picture rich file
for clarification is this a public IP address that the remote users are using to get to the exchange server OWA?

kedarvyasAuthor Commented:
yes it is the public address or the external IP address of our network. We do have a name to our server but it has been set up in too complex way so i wanted to have something easy for users to remember.
Great!  do you have a domain we can use?  we can create a website forwarded to your email IP address.

the other easy way would be to create a host file on each computer with an easy name on their computer

something like http://myemail/owa

in the host file


the format is:
ip address <tab> then the redirection i.e.              

you could create something like this

external IP or public    http://myemail

so anytime myemail is typed in the browser it would go to <- don't use this example only

then copy to each users computer.

The easiest way is use a domain name and redirect it to your IP

or you can find a new co domain  type this in.  Or just use a domain you already have and we can add a subdomain like remote or email.
is available.  if you got something like this then we could manage the ip because the problem with the hosts file is if the ip changes then you have to change each and everyone of those hosts files.

kedarvyasAuthor Commented:
I am following your first method of creating a CNAME which is type of alias. But can you just tell me what should i put in FQDN for target host. Because it is asking me to browse through something but i dont know what to select.
 Just wanted to let you know that i tried to put the alias name in the fullqualified domain name but nothing happened. Moreover once i press ok where should i look for the changes what i made? Do I need to put any IP address anywhere or just domain name is ok.
If I am selecting New Host(A or AAAA)... I am just asked the name and the IP address. so i just wanted to make sure if I make changes to this my current users are not caused any problem.

Suggest me the best way out. I am almost there...........
kedarvyasAuthor Commented:
This was one of the best help I got. Thanks a lot.
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