Change which calendar is the default in Outlook 2003

Hi Experts.  I have a co-worker that needs to change which calendar is the default.  How do we go about making this change.  The email client is Outlook 2003.  Thanks for your help.
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samiam41Author Commented:
Thanks for the link.  I am looking for a way to change the default calendar used under my Outlook account.  Essentially, I have a calendar called "calendar" which is my default calendar under my Outlook profile.  I have a second calendar called "training" that I need to make my default outlook calendar instead of "calendar".  Neither of them are public calendars.  

Your help and time is appreciated.
David LeeCommented:
Hi, samiam41.

It's impossible to change the default calendar without changing where mail is delivered.  The default calendar is ALWAYS the calendar associated with the mail delivery location (e.g. your mailbox if on Exchange, your PST file if using internet mail).  What's the goal of changing the default calendar?  If I knew that, then I might be able to suggest an alternative solution.
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samiam41Author Commented:
Hey BlueDevilFan!  Thanks for the post.

Essentially what is trying to be accomplished is this:  We are a state agency and as part of a joint training operation, we are sharing a technical resource with this joint training group.  That resource has to share out his calendar so that the others can see his availability.  This resource has a lot of personal and state agency dates which he (and our office) doesn't want visibile to everyone.  The goal was to create a new calendar, share it out and not have to worry about his default calendar.  For what ever reason, it doesn't seem like we can share out a calendar on the state email system that isn't apart of the default calendar.   Thoughts?  What about a public calendar?
David LeeCommented:
Outlook does allow the sharing of non-default calendars, it's just a bit more difficult for the other person to see them.  A second calendar wouldn't help though for several reasons.  First, it won't publish free and busy information so anyone who added him to an appointment would see the free and busy time from his default calendar, not this calendar.  Second, if if he has appointments on his default calendar that aren't reflected on the training calendar, then the training calendar might show that he's available when in fact he's not.  That's a problem anytime two calendars are used.  If the second calendar is going to be of value, then it means doing double entry.

A public folder calendar won't work because it doesn't publish free and busy information.  Anyone creating an appointment won't see any availability information for him.  The best solution is probably to create a new account and give him delegate access to it.  He can have both calendars open at the same time and can block out time for the personal and state agency dates without filling in details (i.e. an entry that says unavailable).  Because it's a separate account Outlook will publish its free and busy information.  Another possibility is to share out his default calendar and have him mark the personal and state agency appoints as "private".  Anyone scheduling an appointment with him will see that he's not available during the timeframe of those appointments, but they won't see any details.

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samiam41Author Commented:
That is really very useful information.  No telling how many people you are going to help with after writing out that explanation.  Looks like he will have some extra work for him either way he does it.  Thanks for all of the help and quick response!  

David LeeCommented:
You're welcome.  Glad I could help.
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