LaCie NAS RAID Server Mac Compatibility - Time Machine, Print Server?

Granted, the LaCie spec sheet (attached) seems to answer my question, but I've been misled by LaCie in the past and other users have claimed having trouble with Time Machine with NAS devices.

I'm looking into purchasing the 2big NAS and am wondering if anyone out there has any experience with this or a similar LaCie NAS. I also have a couple-year-old LaCie 4big NAS, and that one I can tell you does NOT work with Time Machine. So, if they have corrected the issue, I'm just wondering if it's as easy as Time Machine automatically recognizing the NAS on the network or do I have to physically attach it via USB?

My second question is the Print Server capability. Does anyone have any experience setting this up with a Mac? I have a Canon Pixma MX700. Do I attach this via the USB-A or B? Any magic dance or software necessary to get it recognized?

Also, due to the limited number of USBs, I'm hoping I can attach the printer to one of the USBs, and another external drive to the other. Thoughts?

Thanks! DS-2bigNetwork-2-EN.pdf
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Adrian CantrillSolutions ArchitectCommented:
A friend of mine has one of these drives and the network time machine works without any issues. You configure the drive as diff volumes and set one of them for network time machine and it works a treat. Also confirmed but this article

Regarding printing apparently you connect the printer to either port, configure it and then add the device as a IP printer within OSX's printer config... much like any other Parallel/USB -> network presentation box.

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uzzidesignAuthor Commented:
Thanks! I ordered the drive today. What is a diff volume? Do I have to partition?
Adrian CantrillSolutions ArchitectCommented:
You can partition the HD as different volumes from the admin interface allowing say 1 volume for DATA and 1 volume for a time machine backup. Its v. customisable.
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Adrian CantrillSolutions ArchitectCommented:
Let me know how you go with this one - visited my friend at the weekend and saw it working fine so i'm pondering buying one.
uzzidesignAuthor Commented:
Just got it hooked up.

I cannot tell you how easy this was*. I didn't even have to set up a diff volume for Time Machine. There is a checkbox under "General Settings" in the admin interface for Time Machine that is unchecked by default. All I did was check this and the volume was instantly recognized by Time Machine, including the 500GB USB drive I have connected externallly to the LaCie.

I suspect that they made major improvements between the 2big Network and  the 2big Network 2. I'll bet  most of the reviews indicating Time Machine troubles were with regard to  the first gen.

One frustration and one problem:

1. My only problem is that currently the USB external drive is Read Only. I  don't know why this is. I hope it's as simple as an option I can check  somewhere. Any help would be appreciated. It's a LaCie D2 HD Quadra  500GB.

2. I'm frustrated that there are a lack of USB ports. There's only one A and one B. I would like to connect a printer in addition to my USB HDD, but they both utilize the A port. Anybody think a USB hub would be effective?

In case you're wondering, got a great deal at B&H Photo. Free shipping and no tax (outside of NY).

* I haven't actually done a backup over Time Machine yet, I have as yet  only configured the Time Machine drive. For the record, both my Macbook  Pro (10.5) and iMac (10.6) both recognized it fine.

Adrian CantrillSolutions ArchitectCommented:
Check page 28 of this guide assuming the USB drive is mapped as a network share, the associated setting to configure the shares read/read&write properties should be here.

Page 39 of the above guide suggests that drive expansion can be added to either Port A or B of the unit... so there shouldnt be any restriction on which you use ?

uzzidesignAuthor Commented:
I suppose then that the only restriction is that currently I only have an A-B cable. Both my Quadra and Printer only have type B-out, and the 2big has only one type A-in. So the only available port in is an A. Unless I can find a B male to B male cable (is there such thing? Google search suggests no), I don't see how to it's going to work.

Guess I'll try a USB hub.
uzzidesignAuthor Commented:

Another frustration: Transferring and editing large  amounts of data on the drive is very painful. I have a 500GB Hard Drive  that I am trying to migrate (a full 460GB of data) to the 2big. The  manual clearly says that large amounts of data should be moved with the  admin File Browser utility (in the web browser). However, there is very  little support for this tool. The tool provides no user feedback, such  as a progress bar, error or confirmation messaging. You simply select  "Copy" and hope it works, the only indication of status it to check the  disk capacity to see what portion of the disk is being used as it writes  the data. Multiple attempts at transferring my data has failed  mid-transfer. Yet, I do not know why it keeps failing.
Does anyone have a recommendation for a more stable way of transferring large amounts of data over a network?
uzzidesignAuthor Commented:
> Guess I'll try a USB hub.

btw, haven't tried this yet, I think instead I'll try connecting the external via eSATA, to free up the USB port. Need to order the cable though.
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