exchange 2003 - force internet delivery for local domain

I am running Exchange 2003 and we are migrating to an internet based email solution.  Many devices use the hostname of my front end Exchange smtp server to deliver mail - scanners, alerting systems, etc.  Is there a way to force the server to deliver the inbound mail out to the internet to our new provider, rather than to the internal addresses as no one will be checking mail there anymore?
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Better way would be to keep your exchange server, and route emails from exchange to your internet based email using a SMTP connector

here's how to do it.
Would it be possible to update your DNS to point the exchange front end hostname to the internet based email solution?
Are you not keeping the same address when you transfer to internet based solution?
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mrsmileynsAuthor Commented:
we are keeping the same domain name/email addresses - I cannot have mail route in to exchange, then out to Google Apps
Yeah, so Gmail will steal your domain name and your MX record and no mail will be getting routed to your exchange server anyway so it's moot, right?
See my post using STunnel.

This issue is fairly common to org's moving to Google apps.
mrsmileynsAuthor Commented:
no because we have internal devices that will send smtp messages directly to the exchange server - so a scanner will send directly to my exchange server by internal IP - then it will look to deliver it to a local domain email account - my understanding is exchange will deliver mail internally rather than sending it out to the internet
Oh duh.  Scratch my comments.  I lost sight of the ultimate goal which was your problem with the scanners.  
There are 2 options for you:
a) If you plan to retain Exchange Server, you can use a SMTP connector - so that Exchange delivers emails to Google Apps and then the email gets routed to it's intended recipients.

b) If you are planning to kill Exchange server, you can configure a workstation / server with SChannel and follow the steps here.
How about changing the scanners to point to for their SMTP server?
mrsmileynsAuthor Commented:
my idea is the smtp connector - i have set them up before - would i need to use a smart host at gmail for the address space of * and that would force everything out?
yes @ SMTP Connector.

yes @ smarthost.
there has to be some kinda authentication also for the smarthost, it just wont allow relaying.

I am trying to find a document for that...still looking.

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mrsmileynsAuthor Commented:
you mean the smart host on the google side will need some sort of authentication or relaying allowed from my IP or some sort of access of that nature?
smarthost @ google will only allow authenticated email using your Google Apps account or something along those lines.

Otherwise, anyone can create a smarthost and point it to google and Voila - Mail relay.
i am trying to find some documentation to support my luck yet.
I wouldn't think that running that exchange server would benefit you though.  The cost of operating and maintaining it, assuming it isn't providing any other services, doesn't seem worth it to me for sending out a couple scanned documents.  Unless you had thousands of devices that all had to be changed manually yet instantly.  That's my two cents.
mrsmileynsAuthor Commented:
i agree - just need something to get us through the initial phase of the migration before we can figure a way to relay through google - it was a detail that was overlooked
mrsmileynsAuthor Commented:
i got this working using a smart host...sort of - the smart host and smtp connector worked for mail outside of my domain - but for maiil destined for my domain it all still routed internally to the exchange stores no matter what I did - so, I created a new smtp server with IIS and changed my internal DNS to point to the new IP of this smtp relay - this smtp server uses the smarthost at google and it works - the legacy exchange server is still online for archival reference purposes but will be decom in the next couple of months.

i'll award points as best I can here
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