Dell Inspiron 15R series Laptop [Function keys acting wierd]

When i hit F2 instead of renaming a file it turns off my wireless card.

When i use F5 instead of refreshing the screen it adjusts either the brightness or contrast of the monitor.
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Maximvs13Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Most Dells have a built in diagnostic utility, one of the F keys at startup. Have you run a spyware check lately?
On many new Dell laptop keyboards the F keys only work when pressing the FN key.
Anuj BhatiaCommented:
Hi There,
Can you check if you the FN Key Pressed on your Keyboard and also when you start the machine do you get a message like Stuck Key or something .
Awaiting Reply
Anuj Bhatia.
RalphS007Author Commented:
Thanks, i took your advice and went to the dell website to download the software that was missing and now it works.
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