How to limit a Cisco VPN Client user to just certain Applications and Files. I don't want to give them full network access.

When I configure remote access for Cisco VPN Clients, they usually have full network access.  It seem to be a default config for that.  I need to limit their access, and I don't quiet know how to do that.  Please give me some directions on doing that.  Thanks
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gelginConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can limit what they can access, but limiting the files and applications they have access to will require modifying their domain group profile to limit them to those domain resources you require.

whats your router model?
clarencecummingsAuthor Commented:
A Cisco ASA 5520
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clarencecummingsAuthor Commented:
An ASA 5520 running in router mode
clarencecummingsAuthor Commented:
I understand what is need to do now. I just have to modify their domain group policy.  I will do this next week when I'm back at work.  Thanks
yes we can do , please upload ur ASA config
gavvingConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you'd like to restrict users to specific server IP numbers, that can be done using the vpn-filter command in the group-policy for the specific VPN group.  
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