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I have two 5412zl and would like to turn on RSTP on both switches. Can someone provide me with a config example or references how this can be done.

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fluk3dAuthor Commented:
Switch 1
spanning-tree force-version rstp
spanning-tree protocol-version rstp
spanning-tree priority 0

Switch 2
spanning-tree force-version rstp
spanning-tree protocol-version rstp
spanning-tree priority 2

Would this be ok?
fluk3dAuthor Commented:
Well I ended up running it like this

spanning-tree priority 1 force-version rstp-operation

spanning-tree priority 2 force-version rstp-operation

Running a show span now shows my devices being as edge devices properly as suppose to running stp legacy

if someone can provide some input/feedback that would be good
So now as long as you do not have any sw's with priority 0 in the network the sw01 will have the role as root-bridge and sw02 will be the next to take over this role.
If someone bring a cheep all-in-one with stp enabled (and pri =0) and connect it to a far corner of the network, the root may change ...
The pc's and servers  (edge devices) are going into forwarding state rapidly when connected.
Ports set as 'no edge' (that is ports leading to other sw's) are going via a stage listening for bpdu-packets from neighbour to make a block(redundant)/no block(active) decision.

-otherwise please specify

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On a 5412 MSTP is the default version of STP. Just use the "spanning tree" command to enable it since it is not configured with multiple instances it will work and play like RSTP -the force version command is not really necessary.
By default, if the bridge priority value is not set, the switch with the lowest MAC address will become the root - usually the oldest switch and probaly not what you want, also will change if anther switch is introduced with a lower mac. Best so set a bridge priority of 1 on the switch you want to be root, and a slightly higher number like 4 on the switch you want to take over the root function should the first one fail.
Other than that, things are pretty automatic.
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