Joomla Administration Prompting download or code

I am having an issue after a Joomla Move.
The front end works great, the back ends prompts odd code. Not sure what the problem is. I checked to make sure the <?php tags where still intact.
Also check to make sure all files were copied.
 Here is the website address

Any insight would be great full.
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darren-w-Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Sorry, you did not say you were on a remote server! in that case those are your hosting co. issues if this is the case
tclough59Author Commented:
How is that going to help..... I am not on a local server! These are not my issues...
tclough59Author Commented:
There was a problem with the .htaccess file... apparently there where two of them.
tclough59Author Commented:
Ended up being a .htaccess but the answers where good for the information that i gave.
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