Unable to connect to Snap Server 110

When I try to access the Snap Server 110 thru the GUI manager or the Web Interface it doesn't response. The user moved data and I think she either moved the system files or deleted them causing me not to be able to access the drive.. The snap drive manager says the drive is offline and when I ping the IP address of the device it times out. Is there a utility to repair the drive? How can I reformat the drive and add the data back on the drive? Is there a utility or method I can take to retrieve the data that is still on the drive?

Thanks techs!
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heat_z0neConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Resetting the Snap Server to its factory default settings does not change the existing disk configuration or erase any data stored on your disks. However, clearing all of the system settings will remove the File/Folder Security and Quotas.

To reset the server settings:

1 Turn the Snap Server off (as described on page 7) and wait for all of the lights to turn off.

2 Press and hold down the Reset button. While you are still pressing Reset, turn the Snap Server back on; wait until both the System and Disk lights start flashing in sync. (To press the Reset button, push a pencil point or similar object into the reset button.)

3 Release the Reset button.

4 To select the settings you want to clear and reset, briefly press the Reset button:

    * Once to clear the server's IP address.
    * Twice to clear the Administrator password.
    * Three times to clear the server's network settings.
    * Four times to clear all system settings.
    * Five times to set into FLUP Mode (to broadcast upgrades using snapup32.exe)
    * Six times to boot, but not mount hard disks (not possible on 1x00)

5 Watch the Disk light and verify that the number of times it flashes corresponds to the number of times you pressed the Reset button. For example, if you pressed Reset three times to clear the network settings, the Disk light should flash three times repeatedly to confirm the reset. If the number of flashes exceeds the number you intended, repeat steps 4 and 5 of this procedure.

6 When the light confirms the level of reset you intended, press and hold down the Reset button until both the System and Disk lights turn off, and then release the Reset button. The server then restarts, and resets the settings you cleared to the factory defaults.
Best way to recover data is open storage, remove HDD ( its SATA).
Connect to any desktop with sata interface or use sata to usb cable.
Recover DATA 1st, Reset device to factory default.
csciarroAuthor Commented:
Ok, If I put the drive in a SATA type computer and it will connect? How do I retore to factory default default and what is the default password, etc?
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csciarroAuthor Commented:
Ok. Thanks for the information. I have two questions before I move forward on this reset. Do I complete step 2 before I move to step 4 to reset the network settings and admin password? ....or can I just complete step 4 and skip step 2 since I just need to reset the admin password and network settings?

Also, what is the IP address once I reset the network settings and will I be able to use the web interface instead of the Snap manager software to reconfigure the network settings.

Thanks for your help!
csciarroAuthor Commented:
Also, the LED lights on the front of the system are as followed so please let me know if this is normal because the Disk light is not lit at all. When I boot the system up all lights blink for a couple of minutes and then the Disk and Status light is not solid anymore. Are this LED light that are showing normal or is there a problem with the Disk since there is no light?

NOTE: I didn't complete the reset yet.

I just want to have all the troubleshooting methods documented since I will be troubleshooting the device on Monday. I apprecaite all your help.

1st  of all save data before you do any thing , check HDD is good and working,
For reseting you need to follow all steps, reset network setting 1st then admin password,
Check DHCP client list in DHCP server and find IP of  Snap Server.

csciarroAuthor Commented:
No longer had to troubleshoot issue.
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