DHCP server for multiple networks


Lets say,I have multiple networks


and so on... but would like to have only one DHCP server.

In that case, do I need to have 5 different interfaces in this DHCP server connected to each LAN ?
or i simply saying , if it is from LAN A, assign IP from this pool in DHCP.conf will work ?

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You only need one network interface on the server.  You would create 4 separate address ranges.  On each subnet you would need a DHCP forwarder which listens for DHCP requests and forwards the request to the (defined) DHCP server which in turn responds with an address from the appropriate range.  The forwarder can be just about any type of device (workstation, server, router, etc.) running about any OS, it just requires a static IP address, DHCP service installed and configured to know how to reach the DHCP server.

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I left out "forwarding" in the last sentence which should read, ".... DHCP forwarding service installed. . . ."
its_ns_04Author Commented:
ok in that case, is this the way it works ?

Say a computer in networks comes up online. Seeks for DHCP address....now it will sent ARP packing to network. Router in network sees this broadcast and forwards to DHCP server. DHCP server grants IP and forwards to router which ultimately forwards to workstation..

and DORA process continues....is it this way ?
That is correct as long as the router on that interface has DHCP Relay enabled & is configured to communicate with the DHCP server.
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