SMTPMail ( not sending emails out, though CDONTS (asp) is currently working and sending out mails on same server.

Posted on 2010-08-14
Last Modified: 2013-12-18
Hi I am migrating a website from a standalone webserver running windows server 2003/iis 6.0 to a windows server 2008 /iis 7.0.. The website has both asp and pages, both of these send emails out. ASP use CDONTS, and use system.web.mail.smtpmail. This works fine on the current setup but I am having problems getting the system.web.mail.smtpmail to send out any emails on the new 2008 server.

I have set up the smtp default server and can send out emails using cdonts without any problems. However, system.web.mail
simply is refusing to work. i am not getting any error messages as such,

SMTP MAIL SERVER config info :

Access/Authentication set to anonymous access

Relay restrictions Set to restricted to the 2 ip addresses assigned to the server.

delivery - outbound security  - anonymous access

Seems reasonably happy with the settings, since CDONTS is sending out mail fine.

dotNET Code that is not working in current setup, but working in previous server :

Dim mail As New System.Web.Mail.MailMessage()
    mail.From = <From Email Address>
    mail.To = <To Recipient email address>
    mail.Body = "Hope you receive this email sent from dotNET"
    mail.Subject = "Trying to get dotNET to send an email"
    mail.BodyFormat = Web.Mail.MailFormat.Html
    System.web.Mail.SmtpMail.SmtpServer = ""  // also have tried without this line, also 'localhost', and the servername setup in the smtp mail server without any success.

Open in new window

   IIS 6.0 SMTP  Log :
    CDONTS GENERATES the following iis6 smtp log when sending out a message successfully :
  , OutboundConnectionResponse, 14/08/2010, 10:30:38, SMTPSVC1, CP5-2843, -, 156, 0, 309, 0, 0, -, -, 220 Sending unsolicited commercial or bulk e-mail to Microsoft's computer network is prohibited. Other restrictions are found at Violations will result in use of equipment located in California and other states. Sat, 14 Aug 2010 02:30:35 -0700 ,, OutboundConnectionCommand, 14/08/2010, 10:30:38, SMTPSVC1, CP5-2843, -, 156, 0, 4, 0, 0, EHLO, -,,, OutboundConnectionResponse, 14/08/2010, 10:30:38, SMTPSVC1, CP5-2843, -, 281, 0, 68, 0, 0, -, -, ( Hello [],, OutboundConnectionCommand, 14/08/2010, 10:30:38, SMTPSVC1, CP5-2843, -, 281, 0, 4, 0, 0, MAIL, -, FROM:<Senders email address> SIZE=551,, OutboundConnectionResponse, 14/08/2010, 10:30:38, SMTPSVC1, CP5-2843, -, 438, 0, 35, 0, 0, -, -, 250 recipient email OK,, OutboundConnectionCommand, 14/08/2010, 10:30:38, SMTPSVC1, CP5-2843, -, 438, 0, 4, 0, 0, RCPT, -, TO:<Recipients email address>,, OutboundConnectionResponse, 14/08/2010, 10:30:38, SMTPSVC1, CP5-2843, -, 609, 0, 29, 0, 0, -, -, 250 <Recipients email address> ,, OutboundConnectionCommand, 14/08/2010, 10:30:38, SMTPSVC1, CP5-2843, -, 609, 0, 4, 0, 0, BDAT, -, 551 LAST,, OutboundConnectionResponse, 14/08/2010, 10:30:38, SMTPSVC1, CP5-2843, -, 1031, 0, 88, 0, 0, -, -, 250  <> Queued mail for delivery,, OutboundConnectionCommand, 14/08/2010, 10:30:38, SMTPSVC1, CP5-2843, -, 1031, 0, 4, 0, 0, QUIT, -, -,, OutboundConnectionResponse, 14/08/2010, 10:30:39, SMTPSVC1, CP5-2843, -, 1172, 0, 70, 0, 0, -, -, 221 Service closing transmission channel,
    System.Web.Mail.SMtpmail does NOT generate any IIS SMTP LOG when running the above dotNET code, almost as though it isnt actually using the smtp service !
I am getting two information messages in the event log though when sending out System.web.Mail.SmtpMail, that may (or may not) be relevant :
    1. No usable TLS server certificate for SMTP virtual server instance '1' could be found. TLS will be disabled for this virtual-server.
2. Time spent on preparing to reset routes: [0] milliseconds Time spent on recalculating next hops: [0] milliseconds Queue length : [0].

Please, Please someone help ! Would really be grateful if anyone has any ideas about what this could be, and could help out !

Thanks a lot !
Question by:ByteThoughts
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Expert Comment

ID: 33438825
either smtpMail is not installed properly, or your code throws an exception before it sends - I'd suggest to ass some debug logging to make sure that the application steps through every line, like add a line right after send() to log something to a debug log like 'completed send() ok', etc.


Accepted Solution

MrHorizontal earned 500 total points
ID: 33441186
As meverest said, there may be two different problems. To help you find it, MSDN (here: has a small console program that will catch any exception for you to help you out - copy and paste that in a new console application project and run it on the system with the problems. I've pasted the code below for you too:

using System;
using System.Web.Mail;

namespace SendMail
   class usage
      public void DisplayUsage()
         Console.WriteLine("Usage SendMail.exe <to> <from> <subject> <body>");
         Console.WriteLine("<to> the addresses of the email recipients");
         Console.WriteLine("<from> your email address");
         Console.WriteLine("<subject> subject of your email");
         Console.WriteLine("<body> the text of the email");
         Console.WriteLine("SendMail.exe; Hi hello");

   class Start
      // The main entry point for the application.
      static void Main(string[] args)
               MailMessage Message = new MailMessage();
               Message.To = args[0];
               Message.From = args[1];
               Message.Subject = args[2];
               Message.Body = args[3];

                  SmtpMail.SmtpServer = "your mail server name goes here";
               catch(System.Web.HttpException ehttp)
                  Console.WriteLine("{0}", ehttp.Message);
                  Console.WriteLine("Here is the full error message output");
                  Console.Write("{0}", ehttp.ToString());
               usage use = new usage();
         catch(System.Exception e)
            Console.WriteLine("Unknown Exception occurred {0}", e.Message);
            Console.WriteLine("Here is the Full Message output");
            Console.WriteLine("{0}", e.ToString());


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