What has MS changed the Windows Mobile command(exe) to enable wireless on a PDA to now?

My original PDA's (Dell Axim 30) had an exe named WirelessPower.exe (toggled it on or off) that enabled/diabled wireless on the PDA.  I believe that this was in Windows Mobile 2003.  Then when I purchased Dell Axim 51's, they came with Windows Mobile 5, and the wireless command was named: WirelessOnOff.exe.
Now I have some Asus A696's with WM 6 Classic.  I can't find a similar exe to toggle the wireless.  I can find wrlsmgr.exe, which brings up the Wireless Manager.  I can use that, but it requires extra user interaction to establish the connection.  Does anyone know of a command in WM 6 to toggle the wireless on & off?
Michael SpellmanSupervisory Operations Support SpecialistAsked:
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FixforyouConnect With a Mentor Commented:
str8jacket29Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Here are a few things to look at:


Wifi value, On = 3 & Off = 5

Michael SpellmanSupervisory Operations Support SpecialistAuthor Commented:
It would be nice if MS would keep things a bit consistent between versions of Mobile.  
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