Laptop cart for warehouse

We are starting to use laptops in our warehouse to scan/pick inventory and right now they are on regular plastic carts. I want to buy carts that can take some abuse but also lock a laptop in place with room for a keyboard, scanner. and a small barcode printer. I've looked on Google for laptop carts but most are either for home use or look too cheap to last in a warehouse. Has anyone had to buy these before?
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mikerigelConnect With a Mentor Tech Support AnalystCommented:
I also have 4 of these and like them better than the other one I posted

But this looks interesting for a smaller cart and might work better for your application
mikerigelTech Support AnalystCommented:
I have a few of this type.  Didn't get them from here, but you get the idea.
w00tixAuthor Commented:
A little expensive but gave me a good jumping point. Thanks
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