Two HTML div's wont go side by side using CSS float

Please visit the website below, also note the attached picture. I want the twitter & facebook icons to line up side by side. Please assist with CSS/HTML code.
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SnarflesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sorry, I'm still not sure what you are wanting.

Just because something is created by another site or a plugin never means you can't edit it. What you do is create another stylesheet with the elements you want different to the default and if it is after the declaration from the other site then it will be applied last.

See this page for more of an explanation.

As far as adding a link into the 'find us on facebook' section goes, you cannot add links with css, only style them. You would need to access the code that generates the html in order to add the <a> tag or you need to create your link outside of that area.
both images look lining up for me in both browsers (FireFox and IE8).
what version of your browsers? just curious
TonyCaboneAuthor Commented:
Ah I am sorry, after refreshing my browser I see it works.
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TonyCaboneAuthor Commented:
If you could instead tell me how to edit the are below that says "Find us on Facebook" I will gladly award points.
What do you want to edit in the 'find us on facebook' bit?
TonyCaboneAuthor Commented:
I would like to add a small image with a link (to facebook) but it appears the CSS is created by facebook themselves... any ideas or am I stuck?
qwerty021600Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If u want to edit the text, u can simply do that like this
<div class="lfloat"><div class="fbWidgetTitle fsl fwb fcb">Find us on the Facebook</div></div>
Call <img> tag with the text Find us in the Facebook.
MorrisprojectConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You need to find the component or plugin used and the files associated with it via an FTP/SSL program and make the changes to the page as necessary. Changing the images can be done via CSS with overrides.

As another note, I would test your hover over for the menu in FF, this needs sorting too :)
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