Black Screen of Death with Accer Aspire Model A0531H

There seems to be several incidents with the Accer Aspire Models where the screen goes black.  Well, I have this problem ... So far I can power the netbook on and that's it ... no flash screen ... boot info ... nothing.   However, I keep seeing on the net that people have resolved this issue by simply re-flashing the bios ... not my case ... unless I'm doing something wrong.  Please help?
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Pieter JordaanSenior Systems Administrator - Web hosting and Network Security.Commented:

Do you see anything on the screen?
Does the back light come on?

Did you try to connect an external screen to it?

Check the basics first.

What about the LED lights are they working as they should, is there activity in the harddisk?

If you can see the BIOS flash only then you can proceed forward.

First check and confirm if your AC power is working fine.

Remove the battery out and keep it aside. Press the power on button and hold for about 15 to 20 secs. Then run the laptop on AC supply.

If still no success, remove all the external  peripherals and keep them aside.
Also remove the RAM out of the system and power on system with AC.

If you hear some beeps, the CPU is working and trying to do a POST.
If nothing heard it could be mother board or CPU or the power circuit is faulty.

Reinsert one RAM module back and test to see if the BIOS flash comes.
If you have a good set of working RAM it would be good.


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ldcrayAuthor Commented:
All the Basics have been checked ...

Because it's a netbook ... I'm not sure if you are going to hear any beeps  ...

I do know the power is good because I can power on the netbook with and without the power supply.
However, I do not see the BIOS flash screen.

Even after leaving the device on for several minutes ... I do not see any hard drive activity, so I don't think I'm having problems with my monitor ...

I've replaced the memory with memory that I know works and I've removed all the memory and powered on ... still no screen and no beeps.

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Diagnose your video problem on your laptop.
Posted on 08/07/10 at 10:53 AM
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When you press your power button on your laptop and the LCD screen just stays black.  What is the problem?

Possible problem can be the on-board video chip or Video Card.

Possible problem can be the power inverter.

Possible problem can be the back light of the LCD screen.


Bad LCD Cable Connections

On-board VIDEO CHIP or Video Card BAD

First let's look at the possibility that your video chip on your motherboard is bad.  You can also have a separate video card instead of on-board video chip.

If you press the power button on your laptop and you just get a blank screen, then you need to do a couple of checks to see just what the problem might be.

1) If the LED lights are on and you hear the fan in the laptop running and hard drive working but there is no video, that usually means the video chip on the motherboard has gone bad.  This can be repaired by re-flowing the video chip. You will have to find a good repair tech that knows what he is doing for this repair.  It might cost in the neighborhood of $150.00 for this repair.

2) Plug a external monitor to the laptop and see if you have any video. If you see video on your external monitor then your video is OK.
When your power inverter is bad or the back light is bad, you can usually see a faint image on the LCD screen.

Power Inverter / Backlight BAD

1) If your video displays on the external monitor then your LCD screen has a problem.  Either your power inverter is bad or your LCD backlight has gone bad.

2) Check that your power inverter plug it seated properly. Without a tester to hook to the inverter or back light (CCFL) there is a general guideline you can use:
If this happen all the sudden that your screen just went black it is most likely it is the inverter.
If your LCD screen has been geting light and dark or colors have been getting off for a while it is your back light (CCFL).

You can actually have the light replaced but it is a tedious process and it is probably better and cheaper to find a new LCD screen on eBay.

Sometimes memory modules can do this. If you have extra good memory you can swap out and see if it woks. If you have an extra laptop around that usees the same memory you can put the memory modules in question in the extra laptop and use memtest software to test it.

Cable Connections
I have seen loose cables and improperly seated cables do this as well.
Check the connections at the motherboard and back of lcd screen to make sure they are seated properly.

If your onboard video chip has gone bad on your motherboard, you can have it repaired at a reasonable cost compared to having to buy a new motherboard.  This repair will have to be done by a good repair technician and that will be cheaper than a new motherboard.  If your video card is bad then you can replace it.

If your inverter or backlight is bad and you have taken apart a laptop before, you can change the power inverter or LCD screen yourself, but only attempt this if you are sure you can take apart the laptop without breaking anything.

If you can take apart your laptop and check the cables you can save your self some money and time.
Sounds like the CCFL Backlight bulb , or inverter.

If it done this all the sudden its probably the inverter.
The CCFL bulbs go bad over time and your white colors start turning pink.
Pieter JordaanSenior Systems Administrator - Web hosting and Network Security.Commented:

That is either the CPU or motherboard.
I would go for motherboard.
Of course like bitfreeze says it can be a bad Capistor , or transistor, or PWM Ic chip on the mother board but in order to proove this you would have to have the proper equiment to test each of the components.

That said , Is there no hookup for and external monitor on that thing to help see if it is you video chip on the motherboard ?
here my laptop troubleshooting guide :
- if no display - test with an external monitor
- test also with a known good battery !
- remove battery and AC adaptor, hold power button for 20 sec, connect AC and reboot --> any display ? if NO -->
- disconnect all disk and cd drives, battery , and other cards and peripherals, leave only 1 ram stick
- boot -->any display ?
- if NO remove all ram and reboot --> if NO beeps, mobo or cpu bad ; if it beeps, replace ram stick

for troubleshooting the display (LCD) problems :      LCD troubleshooting
ldcrayAuthor Commented:
This problem is still pending ... because this is a net book and this was a particular problem with this model I'm not sure what the problem could have been.
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