Email attachments - even after dispose no release?

in C# I have 6 attachments for emails going out.. 3 are built in crystal 3 are static handouts..
With both types after the run the pdf's can SOMETIMES not be able to be deleted or moved because someone has it open.. I made sure Crystal is closing & disposing at it's end, but I am sure it is the Attachment due to the fact the 3 static PDF's can also get locked.. After 15/30 minutes the resources unlock.. so sounds like a dispose problem.. But.. I dispose on the finally process of a try so if it aborts, it still should dispose.

Below is the code, attempting to abbrevate where not really part of attachment logic.

using System.Net.Mail;
    Attachment attachmentmsg1;
    Attachment attachmentmsg2;
    Attachment attachmentmsg3;
    Attachment attachmentmsg4;
    Attachment attachmentmsg5;
    Attachment attachmentmsg6;
            mMailMessage = new MailMessage();
            // Set the sender address of the mail message
            mMailMessage.From = new MailAddress("");

                mMailMessage.Body = fullBody;

:               // Instantiate a new instance of SmtpClient
                SmtpClient mSmtpClient = new SmtpClient("");
                // Send the mail message
                mSmtpClient = null;

        catch (Exception)

    private void SetAttachments()
       string strReportPath =  strAppPath + "Reports\\EmailRptPerUnit.rpt";
       string strReportPath2 = strAppPath + "Reports\\EmailRptUnitIndv.rpt";
        string UT = sglUnitInfo.UnitType.Trim();
        string UN = sglUnitInfo.UnitNo.Trim();
        string UnitRpt = PathForUnitAttachments + UT + UN + "UnitRpt.pdf";
        string IndvRpt = PathForUnitAttachments + UT + UN + "IndivRpt.pdf";
        string IndvRpt2 = PathForUnitAttachments + UT + UN + "IndivRpt.doc";
        string ReqTrains = PathForHandouts + "BasicLdrRequirements.pdf";
        string MissingForm = PathForHandouts + "FormForMissingCourses.pdf";
        string ProblemTracking = PathForHandouts + "GuideToTrackingProblems.pdf";
            dsUnitUntrained dsUT = new dsUnitUntrained();
            dsUnitCourses dsCo = new dsUnitCourses();

            crPdf.CreateEnglishPdf(strReportPath, UnitRpt, UT, UN, "CR_Email_Untrained", dsUT,"PDF");
            crPdf.CreateEnglishPdf(strReportPath2, IndvRpt, UT, UN, "CR_Email_Untrained", dsUT, "PDF");
            crPdf.CreateEnglishPdf(strReportPath2, IndvRpt2, UT, UN, "CR_Email_Untrained", dsUT, "doc");

            attachmentmsg1 = new Attachment(UnitRpt);
            attachmentmsg2 = new Attachment(IndvRpt);
            attachmentmsg3 = new Attachment(IndvRpt2);
            attachmentmsg4 = new Attachment(ReqTrains);
            attachmentmsg5 = new Attachment(MissingForm);
            attachmentmsg6 = new Attachment(ProblemTracking);

        catch (Exception)

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Obadiah ChristopherDeveloper User InterfaceCommented:
Dispose the mailMessage object also

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moosetrackerAuthor Commented:
You are brilliently correct... I could of swore I checked that for close and/or dispose, and neither was present for that object..
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