Using Two Domains in the Same profile of MS Outlook

I am running MS office 2007 with Exchange server 2003; currently we are using two different domain names on the same server with no problem example: ( and
There are some users that have to represent both domains without any one on the outside knowing.  
Currently the way their doing it is logging in and out of two different profiles, but now I have to configure their Outlook client to support both domains in the same profile so that that the users can send and receive from both domains what would be the best method of doing this?


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There are two options.  
1. Create two email address accounts and then add the second one onto the user (go into email account and select advanced and add an account to open)

2. Or forward the mail from one acount to the other.

For both options you may need to add the 'from' box in Outlook by opening a new mail and selcting 'from' in the menu (depeands on outlook version.  For 2007 click on 'options' and 'show from')
You can now pick your from address.  From memory both of them should get replies from the right account if the name was in the to list.
ahmad1467Author Commented:
Woud it be the same teps as this:
1.      Start Outlook with a profile that is configured for the Exchange Server mailbox for account B. You may have to log on to the network as the user of account B for proper validation.
2.      On the Tools menu, click Options.
3.      On the Delegates tab, click Add.
4.      Type or select the name for the user of account A, click Add, and then click OK.
5.      In all lists, click to select Editor (can read, create, and modify items) in the Delegate Permissions dialog box.
6.      Click OK two times.
7.      If the Folder list is not visible, click Folder List on the View menu.
8.      Right-click Mailbox - user name, and then click Properties for 'Mailbox - user name on the shortcut menu.
9.      On the Permissions tab, click Add.
10.      Type or select the name for the user of account A, click Add, and then click OK.
11.      In the Name box, click the newly added entry for account A.
12.      In the Permission Level box, click Owner, and then click OK.
13.      Repeat steps 8 through 12 for all the other folders in the mailbox.
14.      On the File menu, click Exit and Log Off.
15.      Restart Windows, and then log on as the user of account A.
16.      Start Outlook with a profile that is configured for the Exchange Server mailbox for account A.
17.      On the Tools menu, click Account Settings.
18.      On the E-mail tab, click the name of the account, and then click the Change icon.
19.      Click the More Settings button.
20.      Click the Advanced tab.
21.      Click Add to add an account to the Open these additional mailboxes: list.
22.      Type the name for the user of account B, and then click OK three times.
23.      Click Next, click Finish, and then click Close.
ahmad1467Author Commented:
This didn’t, work whenever I would send an email it would show that it was sent from the profile account on behalf of the second domain but I can’t let this show so I think I'll use IMAP


If you list two accounts in main section under tools / email accounts you get an 'account' button to select which one to send from when you send a mail.
You cannot have multiple exchange server accounts but you can add an POP/SMTP server.  This way you can have your main account as the exchange one.  If you click reply without changing it will go out as that account.  If you slect the other account here then it will go out as that one.
I used this ages ago for something similar.
I set the incoming pop server to be something non-existant like 'none.none'
Then under send/receive menu I disabled receiving on this account in online and offline so it would never even try.
This only covers the sending.  For receiving I used the stuff further up about adding another account under advanced settings.

The only thing extra you need here is an SMTP server (which the exchange server can do, or you can set up a freeware one)
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