Excel VBA (Copy / Paste To Another Application)

I have copied a range of durations, start dates and finish dates from excel to the office clipborad in excel vba.

I have then used a hyperlink function to jump into an MS project file.

    Selection.Hyperlinks(1).Follow NewWindow:=False, AddHistory:=True

How can i past the contents of the office clipboard into my project file.

Your support will be greatly appreciated.
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The only way I think you can do this is to create an instance of MS Project within the Excel VBA.

You would set it as something like:  

Dim objProj as Object
Set objProj  = CreateObject("Project.Application")
With o
'do your automation stuff here
'guessing something like o.tasks.paste.......etc
End With
'Close the object

not sure what the correct syntax is for opening project so just guessed the Project.Application bit

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Saqib Husain, SyedEngineerCommented:
Try this routine instead

Sub copytomsp()
Set msp = GetObject(, "MSProject.Application")
End Sub
Saqib Husain, SyedEngineerCommented:
Sorry, wobbled. Did not see your post. The page was opened for a long time without refresh

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not a problem Saqib - I do that all the time :)
SweetingAAuthor Commented:
I will accpet the solution, it works fine thanks

Just one more question first - is it possible to specify where the data will be pasted like in excel (i.e. cell range)

Saqib Husain, SyedEngineerCommented:
Yes it is. But I do not know how. I might be able to find ways but not such that I can define it here. I suggest that you make trials with the macro recorder in MSProject. That is where I got the code from.

SweetingAAuthor Commented:
ok, good idea
Saqib Husain, SyedEngineerCommented:
Hello there. Are you sure you accepted the appropriate solution. I think I provided you with a working solution whereas the accepted solution was merely a guideline. Did you use my solution to achieve what you wanted or the first one?
Saqib Husain, SyedEngineerCommented:
The accepted solution should be

ssaqibh #33444081

See http://www.experts-exchange.com/Q_26426940.html

I disagree. Wobbled posted the solution first (which ssaqibh acknowledges). There is EVERY reason to think the follow-up was intended for Wobbled, and ssaqibh responded -- but that doesn't mean that the Asker's selection should be overturned.

Saqib Husain, SyedEngineerCommented:
Ok I give up. But I still maintain that "works fine" referred to my solution.

Thanks for taking the time.

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