can't email via Thunderbird from MYOB or Brother control center

I have a Windows 7 PC with Thunderbird as the default email client. When trying to email from MYOB the error message says the MAPI settings are incorrect. When trying to scan to email from the Brother Control Centre the error message says "Unexpected error CC3-003-00031cOe" . Otherwise Thunderbird works fine. I can't find any information in either the Brother or MYOB help which solves this problem. Is there anything that can be done?
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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Marc ZCommented:
Well, according to the Brothers site, Control Centre isn't available for Win7.
These are teh models it references.
DCP-310CN, DCP-8020, DCP-8025D, DCP-8040, DCP-8045D, FAX-1940CN, HL-1270N, HL-1430, HL-1470N, HL-1650, HL-1670N, HL-1850, HL-1870N, HL-2460, HL-2600CN, HL-3260N, HL-3450CN, HL-4000CN, HL-4200CN, HL-5030, HL-5040, HL-5050, HL-5070N, HL-5130, HL-5140, HL-5150D, HL-5170DN, MFC-3320CN, MFC-3340CN, MFC-3820CN, MFC-410CN, MFC-5440CN, MFC-5840CN, MFC-620CN, MFC-8420, MFC-8440, MFC-8820D, MFC-8840D, MFC-8840DN, MFC-890, MFC-9660, MFC-9880
Perhaps one of the BRAdmin tools will work for you, depending on model.  See above link.

But, have you checked thoroughly to confirm TB is set as the Default, including  the .mapimail extension?

You may have to Browse to find the thunderbird.exe.  If Win7 64 bit, look under
C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Thunderbird

Marc ZCommented:
Hey, don't change that MAPIMail file association.

Just confirm that TB is set as defaults for everything else.
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Marc ZCommented:
What version of MYOB software do you have?
According to their support pages, upgrades may be necessary if
MYOB RetailManager v11
You need to update your MYOB software if you:

    * Are using RetailManager v11 Release number 11.0.690. (You can check the release number in RetailManager by going to Help > About MYOB RetailManager).
    * Email transactions to clients
    * Email communications to clients using the Customer Groups functionality

Accounting v18, Accounting Plus v18.5, Premier v12.5 and
Premier Enterprise v6.5
You need to update your MYOB software if you:

    * Synchronise MYOB cards with MYOB Outlook contacts
Found the above here.
and more info here.
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Marc ZCommented:
What I might suggest is grabbing the latest version of TB, I believe 3.1.2, and reinstalling it.  You can do it right over the top, it won't effect your current profile and it may fix your mapi problem.
When you install it, make sure TB is closed, and Rightclick on the install and select run As Administrator and OK through it.

Hope this helps.

JillCAuthor Commented:
Thanks Marc,

Running the latest versions of everything except Microsoft Office - still using Office 97. After continuing my search for a solution, I found a reference in the Thunderbird forums dating back to 2008 and CC2 and TB2. Someone had written a little app called MailToWithAttach which I downloaded and placed inside the Thunderbird folder. Then I changed the Email Client in CC3 to MailToWithAttach and it worked! Well, that is, it solved the scan to email with CC3.

I've looked everywhere for somewhere in MYOB where you can set the email client but cannot find anything.  The bookkeeper (it's her PC) only comes in every other day and I cannot access MYOB without her. I will try re-installing TB later and report back. (probably next week)

sjef : less relevant, or even not at all relevant pages ;)

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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Hence the 2 cents. :S  Sorry...
Marc ZCommented:
Take your time. More questions and thoughts though.
You have Win 7 but you're using Office 97?  IF Outlook is installed, my first thought is that it is trying to remain as Default email program. Office 97 has NO concept of how Win7 works.
A couple things to try then.
You might also want to remove Outlook if possible. Reboot and reinstall TB after removing Outlook.   Make sure also in IE Options->Programs that TB is set as default.  

And of course, confirm the versions of MYOB. If she's running Office 97, I'm betting she's not up to date with her MYOB. :-) doesn't have any email program to break the default preferences and the latest version would be Very similar to Office 97.
I know, I know! No one likes change, even when it's free.
JillCAuthor Commented:
No, Outlook is not installed. TB is definitely the default. Who needs anything more than Word 97? Most of the people I know haven't got a clue about how to use Office programs - they have no idea all the functions and clever things it can do - they only need a simple wp program. As I said, it's the bookkeeper's pc. So the IMPORTANT programs are the latest - MYOB, TB, Acrobat 9, printer drivers. Word or Excel would be used less than once a month. I know there are alternatives - Open Office, Star Office, Ashampoo Office - but they are just not needed.
It's a mistake to think that every body uses a computer the same way, or has the same needs. For example, I don't have Notepad on my pc. I removed it way back in '95 and every new pc I've got, I delve into the system files and replace it with Notepad+ (not Notepad++) and I can't figure out why the whole world has not followed suit! :-)
Marc ZCommented:
Let's not delete. JillC found a partial solution here ID:33528660 that may help someone else in the future.
Let's Mark that as answer.
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