Sharepoint 2007 site collection DNS mapping

I want to do a mapping/redirecting of sharepoint site collection within DNS, is it possible?

I have a webapplication called
Within this web applicaiton i have a site collection
This site collection is an enhanced version of some other site which had url

I want that moment any users hit the old url, he should land on our site collection

We have another site collection hosted at root level( of web application, so we can't just map the url of site collection with IP address, because it will open the root level site collection.

Is there a way to do this by setting some allias to site collection and NOT web application?

I tried exploring the AAM, but it seems to be working at web application level and not site collection level.

My new site collection is already deployed in production, and i do not want to create it as a different webapplication with different name.

Is there a way to do this in DNS?

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No in DNS
use Content Editor Web Part.

1.Add a Content Editor Web Part to the Main Page of the site.
2.Modify the Web Part and click on Source Editor.
3.Paste in the following code while changing the URLs to match your target.
<SCRIPT language="JavaScript">
function redirectsp()
   if (top.frames.length==0)

Redirecting you to the new location.  If you are not redirected, click <a href="http://sharepoint">HERE.</a>

4.I set the redirect time to 0, but you can set it higher if you like.  1 sec = 1000, 2 sec = 2000, etc.
5.Save the code changes.
Justin SmithSr. System EngineerCommented:
You can use host headers for site collections:

Another option is to just make the site a redirect site in IIS.  Have it redirect requests to your site collection.
navtej_dhillonAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately we do not have access to the previous server on which the older version of site was developed.
Can there be a way to do this by doing some changes in DNS?
Can we set allias name of site to some site collection instead of IP address?
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Cant do in DNS
Justin SmithSr. System EngineerCommented:
Nav - why can't you just use a redirect site in IIS.  Point the URL of the old site in DNS to the new server's IP address.  When you set up the redirct site, use the URL of the old site and redirect to the new site in SHarePoint.
navtej_dhillonAuthor Commented:
I am evaluating the feasibility of above approaches with our hosting team.
I will get back with queries around same afer trying these solutions.

Thanks for providing pointers.
navtej_dhillonAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately we won't be able to implement redirect site approach, as we are in the process of eliminating some of older sites within the organization and replacing them with sharepoint site collections.So it will result in having numerous redirect sites in IIS.
Someone recomended using JumpStations, anyone has a clue what a jumpstation is and whether that can be uthilized for our need
Justin SmithSr. System EngineerCommented:
Nav - your orginial question asked how to forward to a SharePoint site at  You can either use a redirect (either in IIS or javascript/asp script) or you can use host named site collections in SharePoint which allow you to use a URL to get to a site collection that is differennt then the web app URL.  If you have other requirements I suggest you open another question in the IIS forum.

Not really sure how a jump station would apply:

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navtej_dhillonAuthor Commented:
I did got some responses, though nothing is fitting solution for me given special restrictions we have in our environment.
Justin SmithSr. System EngineerCommented:
LOL!!!  and this was a 125 pt question??
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