FSM Player Crashing


I have a problem in opening a FSM Player Lite, I can open it on my computer just fine, but when i try to open it on someones computer who needs to open it, it gives me an error and dont open:

Offset: 000121b4
Address: 0x00000000004121b4

I dont know if this is what you need to see but can someone advise me on what i could do to solve this. Thank you.
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Anda09Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I have made the program compatible with windows 2000 through options, and it seems to fixzed the problem i can anow run the program no problems. Strange huh?
A good place to start is:

OS name and version
Software version

Apart from that, it sounds like a memory issue, those kind of messages usually indicate the memory address of an error, I would try to do a memory scan or simply remove a stick of RAM from the machine if it has two or more sticks installed.
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