My computer shutdown or freezes when i open a browser and type in

I have resently reformatted the HD and loaded windows Xp SP3. fresh install. When i open a browser and i go to it will shutdown or freeze. It will not do it on anyother search engine or webpage that i know of.  any ideas?
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try regsvr32 actxprxy.dll
check your addon, make sure there is nothing loaded that may be causing this. Google toolbar perhaps?
Go to and search for internet explorer 8, download the exe and reinstall the browser.
Can you duplicate this issue with an alternative browser? Or is the issue only with IE8?
erickzavalaAuthor Commented:
I installed firefox, and firefox default is google but it doesnt do it with firefox. I belive only with IE8.
erickzavalaAuthor Commented:
Right-on-the money! registering the actxprxy.dll
worked. thaks.
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