Cannot receive mail on postfix server

I have a postfix server that cannot receive mail. I can send mail out using the webadmin interface but when I reply the email does not get delivered.
I had errors in the email log about "smtpd_recipient_restrictions": specify at least one working instance.." I changed the file to fix these (See attached) but now I am getting emails in the root mailbox like the code attached (Snippet ID=926721).

Hope this is clear, please let me know if I can provide any further information.
Thanks for any help.
Out: 220 ESMTP Postfix (Debian/GNU)
 In:  EHLO external.server
 Out: 250-SIZE 10240000
 Out: 250-VRFY
 Out: 250-ETRN
 Out: 250-8BITMIME
 Out: 250 DSN
 In:  MAIL FROM:<> SIZE=2207
 Out: 250 2.1.0 Ok
 In:  RCPT TO:<>
 Out: 451 4.3.5 Server configuration error
 In:  DATA
 Out: 554 5.5.1 Error: no valid recipients
 In:  QUIT
 Out: 221 2.0.0 Bye

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command_directory = /usr/sbin
daemon_directory = /usr/lib/postfix
program_directory = /usr/lib/postfix
smtpd_banner = $myhostname ESMTP $mail_name (Debian/GNU)
setgid_group = postdrop
biff = no
alias_maps = hash:/etc/aliases
alias_database = hash:/etc/aliases
myorigin = $myhostname
mydestination = $myhostname, localhost
relayhost = 
mynetworks =
mailbox_command = 
mailbox_size_limit = 0
recipient_delimiter = +
append_dot_mydomain = no
broken_sasl_auth_clients = yes
smtpd_recipient_restrictions = 
smtpd_helo_required = yes
smtpd_helo_restrictions = 
virtual_alias_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/virtual

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Barry GillChief of StaffCommented:
what is the setting for your local_recipient_maps?

try this:
# grep warning: /the/maillog/file

Barry GillChief of StaffCommented:
comments should go on their own lines, not at the end of a line.
smtpd_client_restrictions =
    # allow my networks
    # stuff that is here
    check_client_access hash:/etc/postfix/access
    # stuff that is here
Barry GillChief of StaffCommented:
sorry, I should have read that a bit clearer. Rules are processed in order, so you may want to move the deny rule to the bottom.
smtpd_recipient_restrictions =

Also check your DNS response times as failure on the below 2 (with **) will also cause an error
smtpd_helo_restrictions =
**      reject_invalid_hostname
**      reject_non_fqd_hostname
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kirkheaton25Author Commented:
Thanks, I am getting the following warnings -unknown smtpd restriction: "reject_non_fqd_hostname".
How would I check the DNS response times?
Barry GillChief of StaffCommented:
fully qualified domain name

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Barry GillChief of StaffCommented:
sorry - even I missed that one :)
kirkheaton25Author Commented:
Yep, that's me feeling pretty foolish! Many thanks, it's all working now.
Barry GillChief of StaffCommented:
lol, me too, but an easy mistake to make :)

remember the saying that if all the letters are there your mind will fill in the rest... so it looked complete, thank goodness for log files :)
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