Power On by keyboard

I have a PC with gigabyte motherboard and a Logitech Keyboard ( Keyboard without a special power button)

I have a bios setup  with a function named

--> Power on by keyboard

       within which there are three options
            --- Disabled
            --  Password
            ---  Keyboard 98

There is no power button on the keyboard ...

Is there any key or combination of keys that can turn on my computer
without requiring to press the power switch on the chasis
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The option 'keyboard 98' probably enables the feature to power on the computer by pressing the spacebar.

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The Keyboard 98 option will only work if you have installed Windows 98 and you have the appropriate keyboard. Then you can use the keyboard's wake-up key to start up the system.

Don't is your case!

Older keyboards that don't have the special wake-up key (<-- is your case!) can use the Hot Key option instead (but your BIOS don't show this option :-(). There are twelve hot keys available : Ctrl-F1 to Ctrl-F12. Select the hot key you want and you will be able to start up the computer using that hot key. However, if your keyboard is too old, this function may not work.

Yes, in your keyboard this function not work. The solution is: change your keyboard. I'm sorry.
Generally for keyboard power on, you must use a PS2 keyboard and the hot-key seuence.  

Sometimes they are fixed, sometimes it's possible to change the hot keys.  What happens when you choose Keyboard 98?  Does it give you an option to choose the hot key?
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Also I know on some Gigabyte boards, you type "boot" and press return to power on by keyboard.
viju2008Author Commented:
"return" means   enter key right
Yes, return means enter key.  But you still need PS2 keyboard.  Power on by keyboard generally does not work with USB keyboard.
viju2008Author Commented:
i have a logitech PS/2 Keboard  ..  not a usb keyboard but things do not work

i set the BIOS option  POWER ON BY KEBOARD  to   KEYBOARD 98

then tried pressing CTRL+F1  , CTRL + F2  , SPACEBAR ,  ENTER

nothing worked

@ ekincam

when i set the BIOS option  POWER ON BY KEBOARD  to   KEYBOARD 98

it does not give me an option to choose the hot key

on the right pane ie. HELP Pane   ,  it is written as :

" If you have a keyboard with a POWER KEY , then you can power on the PC using POWER KEY "

What model of motherboard do you have?

I saw some older keyboards and they do in fact have 3 additional keys on the keyboard for power and such.  

So it appears you probably have to set password since you don't have keyboard 98 features.
viju2008Author Commented:
i have a GIGAYBYTE     G31M-ES2L motherboard and Award BIOS

wyliecoyoteukIT directorCommented:
From the manual:

Power On By Keyboard
Allows the system to be turned on by a PS/2 keyboard wake-up event.
Note: you need an ATX power supply providing at least 1A on the 5VSB lead.
Disabled Disables this function. (Default)
Password Set a password with 1~5 characters to turn on the system.
Keyboard 98 Press POWER button on the Windows 98 keyboard to turn on the system.
KB Power ON Password
Set the password when Power On by Keyboard is set to Password. Press  on this item
and set a password with up to 5 characters and then press  to accept. To turn on the
system, enter the password and press .
Note: To cancel the password, press  on this item. When prompted for the password, press
 again without entering the password to clear the password settings.

So it seems that you have to set a password to power on using the keyboard.
this password can be 1-5 letters, so pick one, and you can use that key to start up with one key press.

NOTE: this will not work if ErP support is enabled, (low power s5 state)
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