BGinfo: Auto Refresh

I have BGinfo running across my domain. we are using it to collect software install and uptime, we are currently working on running it into SQL.

Right now I log into ALL of my servers every morning in order to gather some information from BGinfo into a spreadsheet.

I am VERY interested in finding something that will allow BGinfo to 'refresh' automatically at the same time everyday.

I attempted this with a scheduled task...however that didn't seem to work. I am open to ideas here, BUT I thought that there may be some way to write a script that will 'call' the Bginfo.bgi file and then I could schedule the script as a task.

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Hello !

I remember running BGInfo as a scheduled task so you may want to troubleshoot that instead of creating a script.

The most common problems I had with scheduled tasks were :

- Executable files located on a network drive not available when the user was not logged on (drive not mapped)
- Password changed after the task was created and the task was not updated
- Task run as local admin trying to write data to a network share (access denied)
- The executable string was written incorrectly when LFN are used with parameters. Ex.: "C:\Long File Name\exe.exe -option" is wrong, it should be "C:\Long File Name\exe.exe" -option

Sleestack90Author Commented:
Actually, it's probably the first problem you mentioned affecting me. What did you do to correct this? Just drop a copy of the file on each local machine it was susposed to run on? I can see where that might fix it, I really wanted a centerally located solution...but i would rather have it automated than central.
Hello !

I'm not 100% sure that this is what I did then, but that's certainly what I would do now.

Create a "generic" domain user that's power user on every computer but remove the right to "Logon interactively" for that user. That user will have read/write acces everywhere but not being able to logon this lessen the security risk. Use that user the start the Scheduled Task. That way you're not forced to use a domain admin account to run the task.

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Sleestack90Author Commented:
I created a command file which runs the following: C:\Program Files\BTSMain\BGinfo\BGinfo.exe C:\Program Files\BTSMain\BGinfo\Server.bgi /nolicprompt /log /timer:0

However that doesn't seem to work for me. Any suggenstions?
Hello !

in your batch file, is it written exactly as you put it or do you use quotes ? Do you provide the log file/db path ?

The line should look like this :

"C:\Program Files\BTSMain\BGinfo\BGinfo.exe" "C:\Program Files\BTSMain\BGinfo\Server.bgi" /nolicprompt /silent /log:"Path to log file" /timer:0

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Sleestack90Author Commented:
That worked, thanks!
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