DynDNS with SBS 2008

Just wondering if it is possible to (and how to) setup the follow configuration

Have ADSL2 but can not get static ip address
Server running SBS 2008
Netgear DGN3500 router

Have configured the router with DynDNS to connect to mycompany.dyndns-work.com

Have opened up the ports etc and it is working okay.

What I would like to do is have it setup so I can go to remote.mycompany.com.au
Some of my users will just get confused with the changes and difference.

I ususally have a static ip address for the ADSL service to setup the A Record/CName/SRV record etc for. What I am wondering is if it is possible to get "something" setup so that I can just setup the FQDN from DynDNS inplace of the Static IP Address.

So I am looking at a way to use remote.company.com.au as you would do normally, but with the dynDNS mycompany.dyndns-work.com location for the IP address.

Or there might be an easier way to do it all. I just want remote.company.com.au to work without having static ip.

DNS I always stuggle with ... :-( so any help would be appreciated.
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eldiosConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The easiest solution here would be to create a DNS CNAME record in the DNS for your mycompany.com.au domain that points remote.mycompany.com.au to mycompany.dyndns-work.com.  That will forward all requests destined for remote.mycompany.com.au to mycompany.dyndns-work.com.
You want their Custom DNS hosting.  You point the name server to DYNDNS and you will be able to use remote.mycompany.com  (only $30 / yr)

This is not a good solution for a mail server because many places block dynamic ip numbers but it works well for remote access.
naughtynatAuthor Commented:
thanks, its working well.
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