Sonicwall TZ100 and NSA3500 Site-to-site VPN Routing


I think it was asked before but not with newer sonicwall appliances.

I have a main site using an NSA3500. We also have about 10 remote sites all connecting using VPN tumnnels to the main site with TZ100 appliances.

All the remote sites can see the main site. But when trying to connect from one remote site to a ressource on another remote site, it does not work properly. For example, pinging will not work from remote site to remote site.

Is there an easy way to allow all the remote site to see each other and not have any traffic blocked? Can I enable RIP routing on the TZ100, would that help? Or do I have to define new routes on each remote site? How would I do that?

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Perfect, exactly what I was looking for. It will take me a while to implement but I'm on the right track. Thanks a lot!
You're welcome.  Glad I could help.  Post back if you have any questions and thanks for the points!
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